Durak Libraries Period in Şanlıurfa

Durak Libraries Period in Sanliurfa: The Municipality of Sanliurfa, which supports education and young people at all times, has launched the 'Durak Libraries' application for the waiting passengers to benefit from the stops. For young people and education with a city dream of studying [more…]

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Commuter Trains

Rash expropriation for GAZİRAY Project

GAZİRAY expropriation rush to Project: Republic of Turkey State Railways Headquarters, making the duration of the Mills-Gaziantep-Mustafayavuz Stations in Gaziantep between the Rebuild Infrastructure and Superstructure Works (GAZİRAY) Project on the route 166 [more…]


RayHaber 06.04.2017 Tender Bulletin

Loading and Unloading of Concrete Sleepers on Wagons Work of Machine Rail Butt Welding Service Horizontal Transverse Shock Absorber and Vertical Shock Absorber Purchase (TÜVASAŞ) Dead Man for National Electric Train Set Project [more…]

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Bursaray burned the ladder to prevent

Burned obstructing the ladder in Bursaray: Inspection of escalators in Bursaray stations would be increased, legal action will be taken in accordance with the Misdemeanors Law about those who prevent the operation of the stairs. Malfunctions of escalators in Bursaray stations [more…]