Fenalaşan Yolcuyu Saved Female Driver

Fenalaşan Rescued Female Driver: Fatma Gungor, the first female driver of Manisa who uses public transportation connected to the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, educates the fenalaşan female passenger to the hospital while she is on the road, raising her life. [more…]

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Feel Izmir

Feel Izmir: If you are one of those who say ım I should get to know the city I live in more closely ', do not miss the “Free City Tours di organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in three different stages! Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the city of Izmir to live better [more…]

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Metro Coming to Beykoz

Metro Comes to Beykoz: Mayor Topbaş met with the citizens in Beykoz and said, biz We are realizing what they cannot even imagine. Could the Beykoz subway be imagined? We will bring the subway to Beykoz ”. About two [more…]

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Kadıköy Becoming the Center of the Metro

Kadıköy Metro is becoming the center: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Kadir Topbaş, Kadıköy He called out to citizens at the rally in the Square. As IMM, they invested 13 billion liras in Istanbul in 98 years, this year also [more…]

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Metro good news from Kadir Topbaş to Üsküdar

Metro news from Kadir Topbaş to Üsküdar: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Mayor Kadir Topbaş met with non-governmental organizations, headmen and Üsküdar Municipality employees in Üsküdar Municipality. Mayor Topbaş said, “We are making a metro project from Üsküdar to Beykoz. [more…]