06 Ankara

Blood News in Ankara Metro Saves Lives

Blood announcements on the Ankara Subway Save Life: With the announcements made at Kızılay Metro Station, the blood needs of emergency patients are immediately answered. Hundreds of thousands of people use it every day at the Kızılay Metro common station. [more…]


Happy News to Sakarya Public Bus

Sakarya Public Bus Merchants Happy News: Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department President Fatih Pistil, Private Public Bus tradesmen said that the monthly income support payments for free travel continues. Pistil, [more…]

06 Ankara

Wrecked wagon

Alem wagon was cleaned: The old passenger wagon, located next to the West Central station of the Batıkent metro, which was brought up by Hürriyet Ankara with the news of “Alem wagon i, was cleaned. After the depletion of the wagon, the alcohol and substance [more…]


Debates on the Şanlıurfa Trolleybus Project

Discussions on the Şanlıurfa Trolleybus Project Continues: The debate on the trolleybus project, which will be held by the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality on the tender of 24 April Monday, continues. There are also positive opinions about the project on social media [more…]

16 Bursa

Solution for Bursa's Traffic is Underground

The Solution to Bursa's Traffic is Under Ground: Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, who made evaluations about the transportation system in Bursa at the April council meeting, said that the rail system in the Yıldırım stage and the streets in the next investments are underground. [more…]

marmaray station
34 Istanbul

Five New Metro Lines to Istanbul

5 More New Metro Lines to Istanbul: The construction works of 5 new metro lines, whose tender process has been completed in Istanbul, will begin in the coming days. Mayor presenting the 2016 Activity Report of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to the Municipal Assembly [more…]

35 Izmir

Blood Donation Campaign from TCDD Staff

Blood Donation Campaign from TCDD Personnel: TCDD Izmir 3. A blood donation campaign was organized for TCDD personnel in cooperation with Regional Directorate, İzmir Suburban System Transportation (İZBAN) and Kızılay. İZBAN in front of Alsancak Station [more…]