Istanbul Supports Greenhouse Gas Struggle with Metros

Istanbul Supports Greenhouse Gas Struggle with Metro: UN Local Governments Advisory Board (UNACLA) Meeting started in Istanbul under the chairmanship of Kadir Topbaş.

The UNACLA Meeting held at Istanbul Tarabya Hotel was chaired by Kadir Topbaş, President of UN Local Governments Advisory Board (UNACLA) and Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM).

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is hosting the important meeting of Local and Regional Authorities Global Task Force (UNACLA) for the second time. Issues are discussed to make political contributions to UNACLA's new ways of implementing global agendas.

UN Habitat Executive Director Joan Clos, UCLG Secretary General Josep Riog, UN-Habitat Foreign Relations Director Christine Musisi, UCLG-MEWA Organization President and Mayor of Gaziantep Fatma Şahin, CEMR Vice President and Soria Mayor Carlos Martinez Minguez, UCLG-Eurasia Deputy Mayor and Mayor of Yakutsk Aysen NIKOLAEV.


Speaking at the opening of the meeting, UNACLA and İBB President Kadir Topbaş stated that he was very happy to see the participants in Istanbul at the tulip season in spring, adding reliability and representation in the international arena. kazanHe said he was honored to continue as the President of UNACLA, which has great potential to Stating that they will hold consultations throughout the day in order to think strategically and move the agenda forward on behalf of UNACLA and world local governments, Kadir Topbaş said;

Uz We meet for the first time after the adoption of the new urban agenda in Kito last year. This makes this meeting important. In addition, this meeting of the UN-HABITAT Board of Directors in Nairobi 26. It takes place two weeks before the meeting. Important decisions will be made here regarding the implementation and follow-up of Kito commitments. UNACLA is witnessing an important moment. In the past, we have guided major events. Now we are making efforts to implement the global and international agendas accepted at 2014 and 2016. ”

“It is time to show the important role of local and regional governments in development. We, as local and regional governments, are the main actors that make development possible for all. Başkan Mayor Topbaş continued as follows;

Dik We have come to a very important period, but not a lot of attention to show this. In this context, 2016 was an important year. More than ever, the mayor and the governor met and put forward their representation. Local and regional governments have managed to increase our power of representation in the world assembly. It allowed local citizens to take on global responsibilities in a constructive way. It offered the opportunity to be a source of inspiration, to produce solutions and ideas. Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and start new businesses orum I believe that we will fulfill our commitments to a common global action. But in a more complex and uncertain international environment, our work will not be easy. Making the added value of our cities possible for everyone is now more important than ever. ”

Recalling that the world is facing the most comprehensive agenda in global development, the UN's 2030 agenda sets 19 commitments applicable to all countries of the world in the north and south, east and west for the first time in history. Mek Organizing these common goals required an incredible time and consensus effort . There was unprecedented visibility and presence of local governments. Achieving the Hedef Urban Sustainable Development Goal ”is the result of our joint advocacy efforts. It has been recognized that development should be local, and local authorities should be institutions that can establish the relationship between all citizens and local agendas. On the other hand, it is emphasized that local governments should provide real and concrete solutions ”.


Afterwards, UN Habitat Executive Director Joan Clos also thanked Kadir Topbaş for holding the UNACLA meeting in Istanbul in tulip time and said: ın You understood that tulip was the invention of the Ottoman Sultans, not the Netherlands. Ottoman 200'un tulip varieties formed. In the meantime, you will notice that the logo of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality looks like a tulip. Istanbul is the city where the world recognizes tulips. After that, the Dutch took this tulip and made it a commercial success. ”

Başkan Mr. President, we were very happy to say that the UNACLA meeting will be held in Istanbul. Kadir Topbaş fulfills what he says. Clos Clos continued his words as follows; Top Mr. Topbaş has been transforming Istanbul by presiding for a long time. Topbas has an amazing management approach for Istanbul. I have great admiration for his determination. Topbas transformed Istanbul into one of the world's largest cosmopolitan cities. Under the leadership of Topbas, Istanbul is at the forefront of bringing together different cultures and two continents. I would like to thank him in particular. ”

HABITAT 3 after the new urban agenda emphasized that they are committed to the implementation of the Clos, the UN's new ketsel agenda is a very detailed plan that offers many opportunities, he said. One of the goals of the UN to invest in development is to invest in peace, voicing Clos, the climate change problem in the world is a very important global problem, he said.


Çeken We need to know how cities contribute to climate change, Clos Clos said. Istanbul contributes greatly to the UN in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Because Istanbul has invested in a huge underground rail system. I must say that Istanbul's investment in subways is a unique example in the world. It is necessary to state that this is thanks to Kadir Topbaş's leadership. Turkey is not the world's richest country. But it is still making one of the most complex investments in the world. Yesterday I got in, an incredible investment built deep down. I especially recommend that you experience this investment. ”

Placing the idea that urbanization is a local and global development tool will contribute to the decision-making processes, Clos said, and urbanization creates value for society. Stating that transforming urbanization into a development tool that eliminates problems such as unemployment and poverty can bring more prosperity to local governments, Clos said, “Istanbul is a very interesting example in this sense. Because the economic dynamism of the city is incredible. ”


President of UCLG-MEWA Organization and Mayor of Gaziantep Fatma Şahin stated that full sustainable development of world cities and towns can be achieved only with the participation of all actors and that local sustainable development will be accelerated by sharing the ideas and experiences of UNACLA members.

Fatma Şahin said, "I think that the studies we will do without compromising the understanding of sustainable urbanism will bring us to the final result" and stated that the continuity of UNACLA's sustainable development activities at the international level plays a very important role in the development of local governments.

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