Evka 3 has a new breath

A breath of fresh air for Evka 3: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has also finalized the national architectural project competition that it opened for the arrangement of the bus stop and car parking area in Evka 3, the last stop of the metro after Halkapınar. With the colloquium to be held at Kültürpark on Saturday, February 25, the winners of the competition will be awarded with a ceremony.

to the city kazanAdopting the method of selecting the architectural works to be built through competition, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality concluded another competition after the Halkapınar “Transportation Integration Center Architectural Project Competition”. In Bornova Evka-3, the architectural project competition opened to redesign the last stop of the metro, the last stop of the bus and the area where the car park is located, as a “Social Center and Transfer Station”, has been completed. Attractiveness to the region with its visual and functional features kazanThere was great interest in the competition, which was organized to determine the project that is aimed to be carried out. 100 of the 99 works submitted for application were found suitable and evaluated. In the competition, 6 of which were honorable mentions, a total of 9 works were awarded, with the team consisting of Architect Sıddık Güvendi (Team Representative), Architect Barış Demir, Architect Oya Eskin Güvendi, Landscape Architect Özge Dominguez Perez and Civil Engineer Mehmet Ali Yılmaz.
80 thousand TL for the project, 60 thousand TL for the second, and 40 thousand TL for the third; the fourth, fifth and sixth will be given an honorable mention.

A new living space will be born
The X Sustainable Urban Mobility esi concept was promoted in order to promote the environmentally sensitive and multiple transportation (pedestrian, bicycle, bus, rail systems) in the project competition of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for Evka-3. Thus, the use of active transport facilities carried by the transfer station, as well as the design of living, entertainment and learning areas was envisaged. In addition, it was aimed to build safe bike paths along the 3 km route along the Cengizhan Street, which is integrated with Evka-2 Transfer Station and limiting the design space. Therefore, competitors were asked to bring environmentally friendly and climate-sensitive design solutions, as well as safe and comfortable pedestrian bicycle network solutions that support active transport. Not only was it a ınd Transfer Center aktif and an integrated için Social Center aktif project, but it was also expected to develop proposals for an active urban environment that would integrate with urban space and neighborhood life.
The "Social Center and Transfer Station" to be built includes 21 thousand square meters of land belonging to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Colloquium and award ceremony
With the colloquium to be held in 25 / A and 14.00 / B halls in Kültürpark at 1:1 on Saturday, February XNUMX, the winners of the competition will be awarded with a ceremony. Detailed information about the projects awarded www.izmir.bel.t is It is located at.
Architect Devrim Çimen, Architect Cem İlhan, Architect Hüseyin Sinan Omacan, Architect Didem Özdel and Civil Engineer Deniz Alkan undertook the main jury members of the contest, in which Architect Cem İlhan presided the jury in the evaluation of the projects. Architect Orhan Ersan, Architect Ülkü İnceköse, Civil Engineer Necati Atıcı substitute jury; İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Buğra Gökçe, Urban Planner Koray Velibeyoğlu, Chamber of Architects Branch Chairman Halil İbrahim Alpaslan, Landscape Architect Green Areas Branch Manager Ayşe Gevrek Gözsoy and Architect Ömer Yılmaz served as Consultant Jury Members.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Evka-3 Social Center and Transfer Station Architectural Project Competition Award List

1st Prize - Project No.14 - Nickname: 17545
Team List:
Sıddık Güvendi - Architect (Team Representative)
Barış Demir - Architect
Oya Eskin Güvendi EsMimar
Özge Dominguez Perez - Landscape Architect
Mehmet Ali Yılmaz şaatScientific Engineer

Büşra Temiz - Architect
Ece Abdioğlu- Architect
Oğuzhan Yılmaz-Student
Deniz Söy-Student

2st Prize - Project No.39 - Nickname: 16092
Team List:
Ramazan Avcı - Architect (Team Representative)
Seden Cinasal Avcı - Architect
Elvan Ender - Landscape Architect
Zafer Kınacı - Civil Engineer

Merve Özduman - Architect
Mert Doğaray - Student
Nil Özkır - Student
Yusra Ekin - Student
Mustafa Can - Model

3st Prize - Project No.36 - Nickname: 72351
Team List:
Güven Şener - Architect (Team Representative)
Şirin Bayram - Architect
Ayça Yeşim Çağlayan - Landscape Architect

Ahmet Baran - Civil Engineer
View Mehmet's Full Profile
Kaan Kutluer
Sadik Ecer

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