Satellite parts will be produced in Turkey

Satellite parts in Turkey will be produced: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, for the establishment of Turkey Space Agency, "Turksat 5 and the contribution of domestic products with 5B, increasing its contribution to the national product, our country will become no longer can produce the satellite pieces and Turksat 6 to ' I hope that we will be produced entirely in our country with national and domestic contributions. ş

Armstrong, in his statement, since Turkey's past work has been done on space but narrower than the scale of the work carried out, he said.

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim in the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications in the period reminded that the studies on space and aviation Arslan, "We, depending on the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, we established the General Directorate of Aerospace and Aerospace Technologies, and this 5 was serving as the general directorate for years." he said.

Arslan said that they are trying to establish an agency level about this issue.

Ası Within the framework of the development of the aerospace industry, the developments in space and the place it receives with the satellites in our country, this can no longer be carried out at a general directorate level, it should be at an agency level and our country should be in space now, and it is among the countries that direct space policies and aviation policies. we have established and established an agency level because we think it is necessary. ğ

Arslan of Turkey Space Agency reminded that the draft law went to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

Thanking the Industry Commission, Arslan continued his words as follows:

D Both the commissioner and the commissioners made serious contributions with their opinions, suggestions and questions. 27 5 temporary agent consisting of substances that Turkey Space Agency and the Draft Law on the recommendations of friends, the General Assembly passed the commission to go along with changes in commission within the framework of ideas. I hope that the 10 will be on the agenda of the General Assembly during the day, and if the General Assembly is to accept and enact the Draft Law of the Space Agency, we will take our place in space. İn

”We will produce Türksat 6A with national and local contributions in our country“

Arslan said that it has 12 the country's satellite launch capability, the space agency said Turkey also will be one of those countries.

Arslan, who said that they will be among these countries in many subjects, especially in the field of astronaut education, continued as follows:

Iz The launch of the satellite into the space that today, the 12 country satellite launch capability in the world, we will be among them. We already had thoughts about producing our own satellite from the past. We have been producing 10 over the years for the Turkish engineers in this ability and this ability to win the engineers in the world were in the stages of production. Our engineers have the necessary competence. In our country, this competence has the necessary trained and equipped personnel. With Türksat 5A and 5B, we will be able to produce satellite parts in our country by increasing the contribution of domestic products and the contribution of national products, and we hope that Türksat 6A will be produced in our country with all national and domestic contributions. Thus, after producing with Turkey Space Agency satellite, satellite launching satisfied with it, but we want to come into a country exporting satellites. Of course, only satellite is not enough. Their launching capacity and capability is also very important for countries. This is an advantage in the industry. We also hope we will no longer be a country with Turkey also has the ability to launch Space Agency. "

the establishment of new developments in Turkey Space Agency also voicing Arslan brought, drew attention to communications and technology has improved considerably.

Arslan stressed that they are aiming to be a layan first league kayd in the world and added:

, Due to the development of communication and technology and the development of the IT sector, the speed is being used in all areas of the world, but the developments in space after that, the advantages and speed in the world have to be adapted and transferred to the daily life of the world. Hopefully we will have caught this ability with the space agency and we will be in the first league about the space in the world, about the space related operations. We will now move in the first league, we are talking about a big market. Artık

Arslan stated that their aim was to increase the share in this sector and added: karar Through this sector, we will create value added to our country and ensure that our country takes place among the decision makers in this sector. Our goal is to enter the 38 country 'we will not stay there'. There are 38-10 countries in the upper league in this 12 country. We need to approach their level in a short time and enter that league. Kısa

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