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Disabled Individuals Met in Erciyes

Disabled Individuals Meet in Erciyes: This year 7. Erciyes International Snow Festival for the Disabled was held in Erciyes with the participation of approximately 400 visually, hearing and physically disabled citizens. National and international organizations [more…]


MOTAŞ Makes Customer Survey

MOTAŞ Customer Survey: MOTAŞ conducts public transportation in Malatya and conducts a survey to measure customer satisfaction. Measure the satisfaction of passengers and learn their demands direction to the investments they will make and the steps they will take in the field of public transportation [more…]


Happy World Railroad Workers Day

TCDD and the private sector, working with great devotion night-day, snow-winter and holidays, and especially in harsh winter conditions prevail in the regions where the train service is not interrupted and more passengers [more…]


Kayserispor Bozankaya support

Kayserispor Bozankaya Support: operating in the field of rail system and production with design of public transport vehicle Bozankaya, Kayserispor'la joined forces. BozankayaKayserispor reached an agreement with 2,5 for a year [more…]


It was fun to be the first traveler of the tram Tram

It was a pleasure to be the first passenger of the tram yapmak It is an important privilege to witness the history hep It will always be talked about in future generations lar Once there was a railway passing through the city center of Izmit. Nostalgic view was beautiful ... But Izmit every day [more…]