Message from Minister Arslan, December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities

The most important characteristic of the developed societies is that people with disabilities can achieve the opportunities that they can live in society as equal citizens. Praise Turkey's recent human-centered management approach 15 year marked the beginning of a couple of areas where bones come to assume our disabled citizens regarding the arrangements made.

In addition to the legal arrangements made in the 15 year, all opportunities have been mobilized to enable disabled citizens to participate in daily life, to integrate with society, to create added value for the society with equal opportunity.

With the projects like Gören Göz and Third Hand, the barriers to our disabled citizens have been lifted, unimpeded airports, and many areas of transportation, such as unobstructed passenger wagons serving in High Speed ​​Train Lines and Marmaray, have been improved according to our disabled citizens. Today, our country has become a role model in the world for improving the lives of people with disabilities, supporting them socially and economically, and looking at the future with confidence.

I believe that with the support of our citizens, as well as our government, we will carry our disabled people together to a more prosperous level.

I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the World Day of Persons with Disabilities with the wish of raising awareness of our disabled citizens, and I hope that this day will be beneficial for people with disabilities throughout the world.

Ahmet Arslan
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications



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