National Freight Wagon

New Generation National Freight Car Introduced

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Ahmet Arslan drew attention to the importance of the point reached in the railway sector not only in transportation but also in the field of manufacturing, including locomotives, passenger wagons, freight wagons and sub-industry. [more…]


Test Drive of Akçaray Tram Project

Test Drive of Akçaray Tram Project: The test drive of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's Akçaray tram project, which will start the rail transportation period in the city, has been successfully completed. Sitting in the captain's seat of the tram vehicle in the center in the terminal area [more…]

07 Antalya

Tünektepe cable car this time the elderly cut off the foot

The Tünektepe cable car cut the feet of the elderly from the ground this time: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality hosted the residents of the nursing home in Tünektepe with its unique view. Seniors looking at Tünektepe from a distance for many years, for the first time experienced the happiness of going to the summit with the cable car. Tunektepe to [more…]