Middle East & Africa Rail Show to be held in Cairo in October

Egypt's Only Railway and Transportation Fair to Connect Africa and the Middle East with Giant Investments Middle East & Africa Rail Show: 11-13 October 2017

The Middle East & Africa Rail Show brings together the rail industry of the region in Egypt, which has the capacity to provide an important transportation network where the Middle East and Africa meet, and has proven this capacity with serious investments in recent years.

The Middle East & Africa Rail Show, which will be organized by Expotim and Pyramids Fuarcılık in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, on 11-13 October 2017, will be held under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Transport and will also include large-scale public transport projects that are at the heart of the country's economic renewal strategies. It is expected to be responsive.

Suitable for new investments
In Egypt, where 1856 is the first in Africa and the second in the world, rail transport is based on very old years. This first line connecting Cairo and Alexandria provided an 209 km. When we look at the process from that day onwards, it is seen that there is not enough investment in rail transportation in Egypt compared to road transportation. If today; With the new investments and projects, the railway industry in Egypt is considered as a sector open to development and potential. Here are some of the new projects:

New Investments:

New Silk Road:
- Description: The mega project of the People's Republic of China connecting 3 continents
- Investment / Value: 4/8 Trillion $
Benefit: Expected to increase commercial efficiency, cultural exchange, production and investment in the region.

High Speed ​​Train Project:
- Description: The project that is planned to connect the north and south of Egypt
Investment / Value: $ 10 billion
Benefit: With this line passing through Cairo, the journey from the northernmost to the southernmost of the country will be reduced to only 10 hours.

Alexandria-Aswan Line:
- Description: The 900 km long railway line project between Alexandria and Aswan in the People's Republic of China
Investment / Value: $ 10 billion

Cairo Metro:
- Description: 6 subway constructions under construction in the capital city of Cairo are expected to be completed in 2020.
- Benefit: It is expected to significantly relieve urban traffic. With this project, the railway industry moves to an important position in solving the urban traffic problem.

The Middle East & Africa Rail Show, which will be organized by Expotim and Pyramids Fair Organization, constitutes the biggest part of the publicity and events to be held in the country, both to mobilize the sector and to attract international investors to Egypt and share the latest innovations in the 'know-how' and technology of the railway transportation sector. .

For more information about this event, please contact the exhibition organizers:
Expotim International Fair Organization Inc. - 00 90 212 356 00 56 / info@expotim.com
Pyramids International Group - 00 202 262 33 190 / info@marailshow.com

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