The 3rd Bridge Railway Connection Tender Will Be Held By The End Of This Year

11 dolardi cancels and charges 35e
11 dolardi cancels and charges 35e

The tender for the bridge railway connection will be held at the end of this year: TCDD Deputy General Manager Murtazaoğlu: “3. A railway connection to the bridge is also planned. Until the end of this year, the design of a part of the construction tender continues. We are trying to make an announcement before the end of the year.”

9 organized by UniCredit Group. Speaking at the Turkey Murtazaoğlu Infrastructure Finance Meeting, all of the capital with three subsidiaries belonging to the railways as well as domestic and foreign partnership is also three, said that four of its subsidiaries. Murtazaoğlu emphasized that train operation is economical, safe and fast, and that cleaner energy is used here and costs other than operating costs are very low.


Expressing that the number of passengers and cargo in Turkey is 46 million people and 25 million tons of cargo per year, Murtazaoğlu continued his words as follows: “When we look at Germany, Italy and Spain, we clearly see that we are far behind Europe in passenger and cargo. While 12 kilometers of railways fall per thousand square kilometers in Turkey, 34 kilometers in Spain and 45 kilometers in Romania. Our railway transportation infrastructure must be developed. The railways continue to work diligently to fulfill the task given to them by the central authority. Therefore, investments in railways are increasing every year. While the total investment in the sector was TL 2003 billion in 1,1, it will reach TL 2015 billion in 8,8.”


İsmail Murtazaoğlu stated that the railway infrastructure in Turkey needed to be developed and explained the innovations made in the sector in recent years. Reminding that they built the first High Speed ​​​​Train line (YHT) between Ankara and Eskişehir, Murtazaoğlu said: “Eskişehir has now become a suburb of Ankara. While 8 percent of the travel between these lines was carried out by train before, this rate increased to 72 percent after the high-speed train. There was no direct railway connection on the Ankara-Konya line. However, now 66 percent of the trip is made by YHT. Ankara-Istanbul line, on the other hand, serves as far as Pendike. Hopefully, with the completion of Marmaray, we will see that when we can serve the whole of Istanbul, the railways will take a significant part of the Ankara-Istanbul passenger traffic. A railway connection to the 3rd bridge is also planned. Until the end of this year, the design of a part of the construction tender continues. We're trying to advertise it before the end of the year.”


Murtazaoğlu stated that 213 kilometers of high-speed train line is under operation and that the length of the lines under construction and tender is 520 kilometers. Murtazaoğlu stated that the entire Ankara-Sivas line is under construction; “One of our tenders for 40-50 kilometers between Ankara and Kırıkkale is about to be concluded. The infrastructure of the 150-kilometer section has been completed. The entire line is 405 kilometers… Infrastructure progress in the remaining sections is around 70 percent.

Our preparations for a superstructure tender for Ankara-Sivas are continuing before the end of the year. The infrastructure construction of the Ankara-İzmir YHT project continues," he said. Expressing that there are also high-speed train lines apart from the YHT lines, Murtazaoğlu said that there are currently approximately one thousand kilometers of lines in the construction and tender phase, and 12 thousand kilometers in the project stage. Murtazaoğlu noted that a North-South line, a South connection and a West-Central Anatolia connection will be realized within the framework of 2023 targets, mainly in freight and passenger transportation.


İsmail Murtazaoğlu stated that when the YHT and high-speed train lines are completed, 52 percent of Turkey's population will have the opportunity to travel with them; “We also need to improve our existing lines. There were roads that had never been renewed for nearly 80 years. We have renewed them. Thus, our commercial speed began to increase.” Emphasizing that they will be awarded both the supply tender and the connection part project in Bursa Yenişehir this year, Murtazaoğlu stated that the project works of the Kayseri-Antalya railway infrastructure constructions are also continuing and that they anticipate completion in the second half of 2017. Underlining that Turkey is in the middle of a "freight corridor", Murtazaoğlu said that if it completes its infrastructure investments, it can gain significant profits thanks to its location.


Murtazaoğlu stated that they currently have 12 sets in the YHT operation and finished his words as follows: “We make all kinds of measurements at periodic intervals and use them to ensure their safety. Six very high-speed train sets will be purchased in 2016. One was taken. The geometric situation of the 185 kilometer part of our Konya line has the geometry and infrastructure that can speed up to 300 kilometers. We are currently driving at 250 km/h; but in the future, we can go at higher speeds, that is, up to 300 km/h, after we provide our vehicles.

We will purchase 106 high-speed train sets in total. We will buy them with locality and learning-based technology. 53 percent of these will be produced in Turkey in some way. The company that sells it to us will find partners from within and somehow produce it in Turkey. We will also contribute to the industry of our country.”


According to the project, after the high-speed train exits the 3rd Bridge, it will enter a 700-meter tunnel on the European Side. Unlike the ring road, the high-speed train, which will continue on its own route, will stop at the 3rd Airport. Then, leaving around Odayeri with scissors and returning to Başakşehir (Kayabaşı) HalkalıNew Railway, HalkalıIn addition, the suburban lines will be connected to the ongoing Marmaray Project. Halkalı-Kapıkule YHT Project will be integrated with the new train line, can be used in passenger and freight transport.

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