Anadolu University 2016-2017 academic year spring semester institutions

Anadolu University 2016-2017 academic year spring semester inter-institutional transfer quotas: The deadline for Anadolu University 2016-2017 academic year transfer applications is announced as 27 January 2017 The date of the foreign language exam is announced as 30 January - 02 February 2017.

The documents required to apply are as follows: petition, transcript and course contents, course plan, ten percent of the second year students, and a document indicating whether they have received disciplinary penalties.

Faculty or college programs are as follows. Quotas for Tourism and Hotel Management and Civil Aviation Cabin Services were announced as three. For all other departments, quotas were stated as two.

Quota has been reserved for Computer Operator and Structural Drafting programs for Integrated School of Disabled.

Quotas for Eskişehir Vocational School of Cooking, Office Management and Executive Assistant, Foreign Trade, Real Estate and Real Estate Management, Marketing and Tourism and Hotel Management programs were reserved.

Porsuk Vocational School Printing and Publishing Technologies, Computer Programming, Electrical Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Graphic Design, Machinery, Painting and Construction, Mechatronics, Radio and Television Technology and Building Control quota was allocated.

Yunus Emre Vocational School of Health Services, Child Development, Pharmacy Services, Hair Care and Beauty Services, Medical Laboratory Techniques and Elderly Care quota was allocated to programs.

For the Vocational School of Transportation, Logistics, Rail Systems Electrical and Electronics Technology, Rail Systems Management, Rail Systems Machine Technology, Rail Systems Machinist, Rail Systems Road Technology, Civil Aviation Cabin Services and Transportation and Traffic Services programs were reserved.

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