UTİKAD and THY Cargo will hold a joint workshop

UTIKAD and THY Cargo Joint Workshop: International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association UTIKAD visited Turkish Airlines General Manager Bilal Ekşi. 5 January 2017 visited Turhan Ozen, who was appointed as THY Cargo Vice President on Thursday.

The Board of Directors of UTIKAD, Emre Eldener, presented the wishes of UTIKAD to Turhan Ozen, as well as the problems faced by UTIKAD member air freight agencies and their solution suggestions. At the end of the meeting, it was decided to organize a joint workshop by UTİKAD and THY Kargo.

UTIKAD, the roof organization of the logistics sector, continues its search for solutions to the problems of its members. UTİKAD Board of Directors and UTIKAD General Manager Cavit Uğur met with THY General Manager Bilal Ekşi in December. Providing a report to the General Manager of Turkish Airlines Bilal Ekşi about the problems that have been experienced, UTIKAD conveyed its problems and solutions to Turhan Ozen.

UTİKAD Chairman Emre Eldener, Board Member and Airline Working Group President Mehmet Özal, Board Member Rıdvan Haliloğlu, General Manager Cavit Uğur and UTİKAD AHL Representative Şahin Doğmazer and THY Cargo Vice President Serdar Demir and THY Cargo Sales Marketing Manager Ömer Faruk Sword joined.

UTIKAD Emre Eldener Chairman of the Board, 30 2016 XYUMX in the history of the Turkish Airlines's General Director Bilal Ekşi air cargo agents in their work with the problems they faced with the problems and solutions suggested. Eldener also shared his opinions about the steps to be taken to improve transportation operations of UTIKAD member air freight agents with THY.
Emphasizing the importance of ensuring consolidation by air cargo agencies in export shipments, Mr. Eldener said, azır It is important to assess THY's existing capacity surplus by making it attractive for the carriage of small cargoes already transported by road. In addition, the sector has expectations from Turkish Airlines on e-commerce and fast cargo transportation. With the expansion of e-commerce, the fact that the export loads can be consolidated in parallel with the trend of shrinking the size of the goods carried is of great importance for the future of THY's cargo transportation. E

Eldener also conveyed the demand for UTIKAD to Turhan Ozen in order to collect the rent of the air cargo offices used by the agencies at Ataturk Airport in Turkish Lira.

Listening to UTİKAD's demands and solution suggestions, Turhan Özen emphasized that the issues raised will be analyzed and they will respond to the issues to be developed immediately by intervening as THY Kargo. Dr. Özen, geliş following this study within a month or two UTIKAD Airline Working Group and THY Cargo in cooperation with a workshop to evaluate the developments together will have beneficial results, “he said. In addition to this, it has been decided to make a situation evaluation by meeting two or three times a year with similar workshops to increase the communication and cooperation between UTIKAD member air cargo agents and THY Cargo.

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