06 Ankara

Inadequacy of the Ankara Metro

Failure of the Parliament Ankara Metro: Ankara deputy Aylin Nazlıaka President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey gave Interior Minister Mr. Suleiman parliamentary questions to be answered in writing by the nobles. Nazlıaka's source is Transportation, Maritime [more…]


2016 thousand 884 TL penalty penalty in 520

2016 thousand 884 TL penalty was imposed on ships which pollute the Gulf in 520: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, with the control boats named Kontrol Port Control-8 ”and“ Reis Bey kapsamında within the scope of combating environmental and marine pollution. [more…]

16 Bursa

Yunuseli Airport is now the

Yunuseli Airport is now Bursa Metropolitan Municipality: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, as a result of persistent attempts and struggle, became the owner of the airport. Ministry of National Defense, for the resumption of civilian flights from Yunuseli Airport, which is used by the military [more…]

Thai train young-of-the-bottom-right-liberated
66 Thailand

Thai teenager survived under the train

The man passing the train in Thailand surprised everyone: The incident that took place at the train station in Phetchaburi, Thailand, surprised those who saw it. In the footage, where the security cameras recorded the incident moment by moment, the train was approaching the station. [more…]

09 Aydin

Aydınlılar wants tram

The people of Aydın want a tram: A campaign titled 'Aydın'datramvayolsa' has been launched in Efeler for the solution of the urban traffic that has turned into an ordeal. Citizens of all sectors supported the campaign launched on social media. Efeler, the largest district of Aydın [more…]


Gumushane rail system will pass

Gumushane will move to the rail system: Gumushane Mayor Ercan Cimen said that they are in a new planning in the city transition, which has been in their thoughts for a long time and said “Our vision project is the rail system”. Tram crossing the city [more…]