A first winter snow were spread on the turkiyede stored in the Palandöken ski slopes
25 Erzurum

Social Media Phenomenons Skied in Ejder3200

The phenomena of social media skied at Ejder3200: The phenomena of social media came together in the city within the scope of the “Ejder3200 Erzurum” event organized by the Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality. Text the country's most famous social media users to the event [more…]


Handicapped Citizen In Eskişehir Hit The Tram

Tram Hits Disabled Citizen in Eskişehir: The person who was injured by being under the tram in Eskişehir was treated at the hospital. According to the information obtained, a disabled citizen in the Alanönü District is prohibited from crossing the tramway from the area. [more…]


Valve Tram Campaign Launched in Social Media

Tramway to Van campaign on social media: While the traffic of the city has been talked about a lot lately, the Tramway to Van project has been launched on social media. While the traffic problem continues in Van, the calls for a solution to the problem continue by the residents of the city. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Mayor Topbaş Discussed Istanbul's Snow Test

Mayor Topbaş Told Istanbul's Snow Test: Mayor Topbaş gave information to the members of AKOM about the snow-fighting activities in Istanbul and stated that the main roads are open throughout the city and that the citizens of Istanbul use snow tires. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Body Found on Manisa Railroad Edge

Body Found on Railroad Side in Manisa: The body of a person was found on the side of the railroad tracks in Salihli district of Manisa. According to the information obtained, he was lying motionless on the ground beside the railway tracks in Tabak Çayı, Hasalan Mahallesi. [more…]

06 Ankara

Yenimahalle-Şentepe Cable Car Line is Now Paid

Yenimahalle-Şentepe Cable Car Line is now Paid: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality officials, free transportation since the 2014 year for the purpose of public transportation Yenimahalle-Şentepe Teleferik line, 1 TL said they would move passengers in exchange for a fee. [more…]