Yavuz Sultan Selim and Osmangazi Bridges Arrived Expensive

Yavuz Sultan Selim and Osmangazi Bridges Arrived Proudly for Security: In our article sent by İstanbul Police Deputy Director Seylan Demir to all branches in December, our vehicles which want to use Yavuz Sultan Selim and Osmangazi bridges should use alternative ways. The fees and fines of the transitions will not be paid from our budget.

A police official, the ban, two bridges free up to date, including the use of authority vehicles, two bridges that build and operate the companies, police vehicles to pay a fee at the request of this decision is taken, he said.

At the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the toll varies between 9.90 TL and 49.3 TL. For passing through Osmangazi Bridge, 88.75 TL is paid.


The Istanbul Police Department made a statement about the new regulation regarding the passage of the vehicles under the police from Yavuz Sultan Selim and Osmangazi Bridge. In the statement, the main reason for our warning letter; The aim is to make the passage of 6 thousand 547 safety vehicles within our organization within the scope of duty, to prevent off-duty crossings and to ensure efficient use of public resources.

The description is as follows;

“On 09.12.2016, in some media organs, the news titled“ It was Expensive to Police ”included statements about the passage of vehicles under the Istanbul Police Department through Yavuz Sultan Selim and Osmangazi Bridges.

First of all, there is no prohibition on safety devices. All vehicles with HGS and OGS have the right to pass.


Günceleme: 16/12/2018 14:57

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