25 Erzurum

Erzurum Metropolitan Tourism Tour in Taksim

Erzurum Metropolitan Tourism Truck is in Taksim: Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality's Tourism Truck has given a break on Istiklal Street in Beyoğlu district of Istanbul. Snow Globe established in front of Galatasaray High School in Taksim to Istanbul [more…]


RayHaber 27.12.2016 Tender Bulletin

Personnel Service Will Be Taken Rail System Connection Between Keçiören Kuyubaşı Station and YHT Station Station Survey Project and Engineering Service Will Be Taken Car Rental Service Will Be Taken Cleaning [more…]


Tender Announcement: Staff Service

Personnel Service Will Be Received TR STATE RAILWAYS MANAGEMENT GENERAL DIRECTORATE (TCDD) 3rd REGIONAL MATERIAL DIRECTORATE Halkapınar Loko Maintenance Workshop Directorate and Alsancak Wagon Maintenance Repair Workshop Directorate [more…]