Deray Training was held in Samusha

Samulaşta Deray Training was held: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ A.Ş. tram manufacturer Durmazlar Inc. ' with SAMULAŞ A.Ş. Technical training for the personnel in the Maintenance and Repair Directorate [more…]

10 Balikesir

TCDD to Buy Disabled Employees

TCDD will recruit disabled workers: General Directorate of Turkish State Railways Administration has announced to the public that it will recruit personnel to be employed within the scope of general directorate in line with need. TCDD 14 According to the announcement made in December 2016 [more…]

16 Bursa

Scorer Wanted To Get Free On Metro In Bursa

Freebies Who Wanted to Ride the Metro for Free in Bursa Was Horrified: In Bursa, two city scumbags beat the security guard to death, who did not allow free passage in the subway. The event took place at Gökdere Metro Station. As a private security guard [more…]

35 Izmir

ESHOT Starts Push to Stop for Women

ESHOT Launches Push-Stop for Women: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has launched another positive discrimination practice for women in social life. Women from İzmir, between 22.00-06.00 hours, if they want on the bus [more…]

konya subway has come to tender stage

Konya Metro Flash Development

Konya metro flash development: AK Party Konya deputy Ziya Altunyaldız made a statement as "Necmettin Erbakan University-YHT Station line project drawings are ending at the end of this month." The project tender was completed in the past months. [more…]