Natural gas carrying train in Bulgaria derailed

In Bulgaria, the natural gas train derailed and hit homes: In northeast Bulgaria, the natural gas-laden train derailed into the village of Hitrino. Tens of firefighters are investigating whether there are survivors under the rubble in the area where 20 people were killed and 4 people were injured by the explosion of a train that hit at least 12 buildings in the village.

Accident, the natural gas-carrying freight train last two wagons caused by the high-voltage line touched, a private company's seven-car train derailed from the derailment.

“The explosion also caused a fire,” a police official told Reuters. We do not expect the second explosion, he said.

While the search and rescue efforts in the village with the participation of about 150 firefighters continue, the police kazanexplores the causes.

The village of Hitrino, northeast of Bulgaria, evacuated the village.

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