Uludag Ropeway response to new working hours

The cable car line of the response to the new working hours Uludag: Turkey's most important winter tourism and natural changes to the hours of the cable car providing outputs to Uludağ, one of the centers received responses from citizens.

176 cabin with a thousand 500 passengers per hour carrying capacity, 9 kilometers with the world's longest non-direct cable ropeway, Bursa Teleferik, 20 days changed the working hours in the second time.

. 14.11.2016 will change from 10.00 to 17.00-XNUMX on Monday, ik said Bursa Teleferik AS.


The most recent working hours 25 09.00-18.00 October in Bursa Teleferik A. Ş's citizens who react to this statement, UM Winter season is entering. How are people going to Uludag? 17.00 last time? Guess the joke !. Because the riders were wealthy, they became a social worker. Bin

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