T2 tramway work in Bursa has been ruined

T2 tram line work in Bursa was devastated: The tram line works on the Yalova road in Bursa suffered the citizens working in the region. Employees, who have to use the main road when the pedestrian road is canceled, face great danger among vehicles. Female employees also spend nightmare-filled moments at the hour of dismissal due to drug addicts. Speaking to the authorities, the citizens, who told about their ordeal, said, "You are causing great trouble to the people who chose this municipality while doing a work as a municipality."

The T2 tramway works under construction on the Yalova road, the new name of which is still on the street of Istanbul, continues to be the victims. Drivers are also experiencing great hardship as far as pedestrians.

Describing the dangers they face every day, the citizens demanded that the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality take steps to solve the problems they face as soon as possible.


A citizen using Istanbul Street wrote about his experiences like this:

“We are working in stores on Yeni Yalova Yolu Caddesi, with its new name on Istanbul Street.

We are experiencing serious victimization due to the construction of silkworm.

Our pedestrian crossing across the Forest Regional Directorate was canceled.

Employees from the west and east direction of the city, in front of the lamps in front of Özdilek, towards the direction of the City Square, crossing towards Yalova direction.

We have to walk through the main road because there is no pedestrian path during this walk. Vehicles are playing horns and driving on us.

Or, we have to walk up and down the lamps in front of Buttim, and we have to walk through the main road through the barriers again.

Ladies, it's not really easy to jump over barriers. One day we can experience this experience if you want.

In the morning, we reach the workplace in a challenging way, but we leave work at 19.00 in the evening. The way back is a danger to us.

No single lighting on the road. A large number of people who are using the substance are cutting our way.

Women can't walk up to the Özdilek lamps without them.

When you are working as a municipality, you are experiencing great difficulties for the people who have chosen this municipality.

We have to come to work every day, but we don't have to take this trouble.

And in 2016 I am ashamed to mention such a problem.

Considering the end of the silkworm and considering the winter in front of us, we think you should find a cure as a municipality.

Günceleme: 26/02/2019 18:13

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