Location of the Kartepe Teleferic Project

After the tender which was realized in the ropeway project realized by Kartepe Municipality, the place was delivered to the authorized company.

Kartepe's 50 annual dream and Kartepe Municipality's vision project ediy Teleferik Hattı fer project is progressing rapidly. The technical team of Kartepe Municipality and the firms who won the tender ended their field work. After the site allocation from Gölcük Forest Management Directorate, the process came to a close. The construction of the project will start with the beginning of the spring following the seasonal conditions.

Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez said, H We estimate that 500 thousand people will benefit from the ropeway service. Our cable car project will make a great contribution to tourism. There will be many people coming to our district in the national and international area. Kartepemiz not only has winter tourism, but also highland tourism and nature tourism. The cable car project will not only mean passenger transportation, but also hotels and similar investments around it. Both Kartepe will be beauty and plateau tourism will be. On the ropeway in Kartepe, we will be able to host our guests in four seasons and physically view the lake and the sea. Kart

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