Polatlıda 75-year-old man died under the train

Polatlıda 75-year-old man died under the train: Polatlı district of Ankara, the old man in the 75-age, lost his life under the train badly.

According to the information obtained, the freight train departing from Ankara Train Station at 13.00:100 to make the journey from Ankara to Eskişehir, came to the level crossing of Ziya Gökalp Street, which is located at the intersection of Şehitlik and Fatih Neighborhood, and hit MU, who was crossing the road. The person who drifted about XNUMX meters under the train died.

Police teams, the event after a long time to remove the curious crowd decided. The work of the police teams made the crowd, then removed from the region.

The investigation of the case is continuing.

Günceleme: 15/12/2018 16:56

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