Logitrans Transport Logistics Exhibition Held

Logitrans Transport Logistics Exhibition Held: 10. International Logitrans Transport Logistics Fair 16 - 18 November 2016 dates were held in Istanbul. The 26 company from 180 has participated in the fair where DTD is among the supporting organizations and has a stand.

The Logitrans Fair, which covers all the rings of the supply chain network from transportation to intralogistics, telematics to commercial vehicles, hosted important companies of the sector worldwide. In addition to the country pavilions of Germany and Austria, participants from a geography spreading from Afghanistan to Poland introduced their products and services to offer products in the best possible way.

The awards of the ild Atlas Logistics Awards le competition were presented to their owners at a ceremony held simultaneously.
Total 25 Award Winners

In the 5 category of services based on transport documentation, the evaluation was made. In the same category, the award evaluation results for document-based services were given as follows:

International Logistics Operators: EKOL Logistics
International Transportation Organizers: OMSAN Lojistik
International Commercial Goods Transporters: GÖK-BORA Lojistik
Domestic Logistics Operators: NETLOG Logistics
Domestic Transportation Organizers: FEVZİ GANDUR Logistics

In addition to the Ministry of Transport authorization certificates, the following results were obtained in the applications made according to membership such as chamber, association, union:

International Sea Transportation Companies (Forwarder): ARKAS Lojistik
International Sea Transportation Companies (Shipowners): HATAY Ro-Ro
Railway Transport Companies (Forwarder): TRANSORİENT
Railway Transport Companies (Operators): AR-GÜ
International Air Transport (Forwarder): KARINCA Logistics
International Air Transport Companies (THS)
Port Operators: MERSİN Port Operations.

In the competition, a project was awarded for the Logistics Project Awards, which resulted in the selection of jury members:

YEŞİLYURT Iron and Steel Industry and Port Operations Ltd. STI; 'Full Support for Education' project
SAMSUN National and International Logistics Center Management Inc.; 'Samsun Logistics Center' project

Candidate selection and voting procedures http://www.lojistikodulleri.com In the online competition held by the website users, the results obtained were registered by the jury. In the competition, in which a total of 6 candidates competed in 22 categories, the results were determined by votes from all segments of the logistics industry.

Logistics Company of the Year: LİNK Shipping and Transportation
Logistics Manager of the Year (Highway): Sevgin Mutlu (ULUSOY Lojistik)
Logistics Manager of the Year (Railway): Hacer Uyarlar (LOGITRANS Logistics)
Logistics Manager of the Year (Seaway): Sefer Gökduman (TRANS OKYANUS Shipping)
Logistics Manager of the Year (Airline): Giray Özer (LOGITRANS Logistics)
Warehouse Manager of the Year: Yusuf Turan Fırat (NHL Sağlık Lojistik Hiz.)
With the innovation introduced in 2016, the “Atlas Logistics Awards” started to be given to exporters that contributed to logistics. Export companies that won the “Contribution to Logistics Award” with a jury decision that makes an evaluation based on suggestions and data from various sources are as follows:
Ford Automotive Industry Inc.
Taha Clothing Industry and Trade Inc.
Aksa Akrilik Kimya San. Inc.
Vestel Foreign Trade Inc.
Anadolu Efes Brewery and Malt. Singing. Inc.

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