The country's first cargo airline comes in partnership with the Kazakhstan Railway company

Kazakhstan is the country's first cargo airline in partnership with the railway company: Kazakhstan's national airline Air Astana and Kazakhstan Railway company will jointly set up an air cargo company. According to the news on site, so far, cargo cargo cargo cargo passenger air cargo aircraft Astana'nın now, only a cargo of airplanes, including a fleet that wants to set up service.

The airline is scheduled to start operations in the year 2017 China, European countries, Iran, Russia and Turkey have been announced will do next time.

The new railway and airline linked company, which is called as güçlü intermodal transportation c by Kazakhstan Railways, will be a strong alternative to sea transport by sea from the Southeast Asia to Dubai.

Currently, there are no shipping airlines in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan government, the European civil aviation authority to meet the requirements of the airport began to work to create cargo centers, the first center will be said Karaganda.

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