Disabled People Want to Operate Elevators in Zonguldak Train Station

renewal of irmak zonguldak line catalagzi depot roads
renewal of irmak zonguldak line catalagzi depot roads

Disabled people, Want to Run the elevator in the Zonguldak Railway Station: Turkey Disabled Association Zonguldak Branch President Hussein Cute, Zonguldak, they said the application required due to non-functioning elevators in the main train station as soon as possible, said they wanted to solve the problem.

Modification due to the work of the disabled lift after the completion of the association while stressing that has received a lot of complaints Cute, "Turkey TCDD 2 on complaints Disabled People's Association for Disabled Elevator in the TCDD Zonguldak railway station renewed Restorations in Zonguldak branch of the Board of Directors unfortunately made by us due to work. We made the correspondence necessary for the Regional Directorate to resolve the issue. As the Board of Directors, we believe that this elevator will be in operation as soon as possible.

📩 11/09/2021 00:57

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