Transport Workshop was held in Bolu

Transport Workshop was held in Bolu: Transport Workshop hosted by Bolu Chamber of Commerce (TSO) was held. Transport Workshop held in a hotel in Karacasu, Bolu Mayor Alaaddin Yilmaz, Bolu Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Türker Ateş, owners and authorities operating in the transportation sector participated. Asst. Assoc. Giray Reşat informed the company owners.
The opening speech of the workshop Bolu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Türker Ateş Türker Ateş stated that they aimed at the growth of the service sector in Bolu and continued as follows:
“Today we are holding a meeting between friends. We will hold an information meeting on the promotion, which is a pillar of MARKA's direct activity support project. As a result of this meeting a road map will be determined. As we know, we are going through a difficult period. we are having a lost year due to this period.
In order to be less affected by the negative effects of this loss year, we have to present our demands by developing projects. Therefore, we believe that our demands will be positive. We targeted the growth of the service sector in our city. Bolu has an important place in the international shipping sector in the shipping sector.
Therefore, Bolu province has an important place in international transportation. Our trade is doing very well with the west. He is doing a large part of Turkey's exports to the west. When we arrived at the Import especially manufacturing base in China made the production of these materials are produced and brought to Turkey was particularly here in the West sea routes instrument used here is transmitted.
But the land of the Chinese commune is the shining star that is currently shining. In this shining star we all have to get the position we need to take part here if we want to grow this sector for the future. Well, we're in the middle of this road. It is very important to invest in this area. We believe that there must be a tractor park in our province.
We believe this as the owners of the province. We care about this sector. It is important for us that our province takes place in this area. Maybe 3 am 4 will be even more important after years, but we need to prepare the ground by working. Belki
Bolu Mayor Alaaddin Yilmaz said the fire of Bolu, the future of our city would be very good if a connection to the Black Sea continued as follows: He gave a presentation about how this silk road between the west and west will improve.
Both highway and rail. As the railway passes through the Caspian Sea from there, it will be passed by ships. Hopefully these are all very important works that will come to life in the world in the future. We need to make these connections. Such a study has a highway between Ereğli and Bolu. We will have the advantage of reaching the sea in the shortest way.
At the moment the most expensive highway in the shipping industry is the second rail, or the cheapest way sea route. Time is long, but costs are getting much cheaper. It will be very nice if we make a connection from Bolu to the Black Sea for the future of our city. Imiz
After the speeches, he made a presentation to the members of the protocol and sector representatives. Assoc. Giray Reşat, in the coming period planned to be made in Çaydurt location, gave information about the ultra-luxury parking lot.



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