Tram will not catch up

Tram will not be raised: every statement by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality said that the work of the tram will be completed in a timely manner, while the Mayor of Izmit, Nevzat Doğan said, ın It is certain that the tram will be delayed ediy.
The meeting of the Municipality of Izmit in September was held in the assembly hall. The Mayor of Izmit, Nevzat Dogan, was chaired by the Parliament. 16 is about the establishment of the Ecological Market at the ground floor of 41 Burda Shopping Center which is one of the prominent agenda items. matter. Another item on the agenda is the 16, which is intended for a major renovation of public toilets in the Fevziye Mosque Garden. He was mad.
Chairman of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu'nun Union of Turkish World Municipalities to be a member of the Union was accepted unanimously, the AKP as a member of the group Aykut Bozkurt, as a member of the CHP group Ilker Ulusoy was elected. Again by the Journalists Association of Kocaeli 17. The article which includes the planned tour tour of the Journalists Association of Kocaeli, which is planned for the Balkans, was also discussed.
Olarak We have said that we will not consider the demands of relevant institutions and organizations, but this is different. As you know, 110 presented the July edition of the western side of the West after July. This has to be explained by a campaign. KOGACE also has such a demand for action. It would be nice for the press members to share their impressions about the issue abroad Basın. The issue discussed in the Assembly was approved on the condition that the fees were covered by KOGACE. In order to provide better service to the citizen in the Tepecik Neighborhood Fevziye Mosque, which is in the provision and saving of the municipality, the proposal of renting with 5 for a period of 1 year was accepted unanimously. It was also unanimously decided to establish the Ecological Market on the ground floor of 20 Burda Shopping Center, which is one of the important agenda items of the assembly.
Then the CHP Parliamentary Member, “Republican District Headman of the 45 days, not returned to the task, not stating, muh Responsible council member how to support this muhtarımızı. 3 members were dismissed from the municipality of Izmit and the operations were immediately settled and returned to their jobs in 15 days. But ultimately, there is a elected headman. I would like to know about this. Bu Responsible for the question of the head of the Mukhtar Desk Coordinator Mehmet Cetin, said the subject related to the district governor said, Mehmet After the sharing of our mukhtar that evening everyone saw it. It is a decision of the district governor Kay.
CHP Assembly Member Uğur Trout said: ”The troubles about the tram stand out. Metropolitan website on the tram 200 days or something remains. With the opening of schools in the last days, traffic noise will increase. Is there any study on this topic? The craftsmen of Yenisehir neighborhood cry blood, especially because the roads are closed. In the east, support is provided to the shopkeepers. But do you have an agenda such as supporting 3-4 tradesmen? There are many problems in the East Barracks. Citizens cannot go there in peace. Syrians and beggars on the side of the park on the other side of the women are available. Kadınlar He expressed difficulties in the region.
Speaking after the CHP Council member Uğur Ramp, the Mayor of Izmit Nevzat Doğan said, “The project of the tram project Metropolitan is a project we support. We are experiencing a troubled process. The fact that the contractor doesn't act very carefully upset us and our people. There is an incredible follow-up, but despite all these problems. Surgery is being done at a time when life flows. I also know that our tradesmen are troubled. Especially the work of our shopkeepers in Yenişehir and Mehmet Ali Pasha is difficult, but the operation will end, we will forget our pain in the future. It is certain that there is a delay, Bir he said. Özak said eler February is expected to end in 2017 The networks in the infrastructure are also being renewed. Most of the surgery was completed. The first tram is complete. Trams to be introduced in Germany in September. Work continues with a busy pace. We are making every effort to keep from the calendar. Biz
CHP deputy member İbrahim Güçlü's bar shopkeepers expressed the distress on Mayor Nevzat Dogan Izmit Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu and the AKP Province President Şemsettin Ceyhan was accused. Dogan, ına Bar Street after the demolition of the municipal councils to find solutions to the problems of the barriers to this time also attended the council meeting of the Municipality of Izmit. After the CHP parliamentary member Ibrahim Guclu told about the trouble of the bar tradesman, the Mayor of Izmit Nevzat Dogan said: ı Come and bring the problems of other institutions to the Municipality of Izmit. Immediately after the 2014 elections, I went to our governor, metropolitan mayor, and told him about the distress of Bars Street. I said that the current situation in bars street is not suitable for our city, there are some problems, there is a new solution, the bars can be controlled and these areas can be moved to the sea side.
With red lines, there are certain areas where such powers are determined. This authority is in the Metropolitan Municipality. The solution was not produced, but I did my duty. I have no place to use or use my bars. The existing bars were demolished by tram, and everyone entered the role of throwing them into the municipality of Izmit. Taking the decision of destruction metropolitan, his responsibility. We brought friends in the group when we brought friends to the place issues outside the city. Nobody throws the ball. The head of the metropolitan municipality also said that they were looking positive for a place outside the city, but there was no study. Don't ask me about this again. Ask them who's responsible. Sorum

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