Changes in Gebze bus routes

Gebze bus routes have been changed: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark A.Ş. has changed some of its lines connected to Gebze Garage since October 01 Saturday. Due to heavy demands from citizens and operating conditions, it was possible to change the route and time.
According to this;
The line 410 and the line 505 will be joined and the line code 410 will continue to operate during the new service hours. Citizens using the 505 line will now use the 410 line.
The route of line 430 has been extended to GOSB and the flight times have been rearranged.
The route of the 480 line has been extended to cover the Kavak Street of Arapçeşme Neighborhood and the flight times have been rearranged.
The line 515 and line 520 will be combined with the line code 515 to operate at new times. Citizens using the 520 line will now be able to use the 515 line.
Line 525 has entered the RING working system with new service hours.
Line 550 will continue to operate at new and additional service hours.
Line 555 has been interrupted.
The route of the 560 line has been arranged to cover Fatih Street. Will continue to work during the new expedition hours.
The route of the 575 line was arranged to stop at Şifa Neighborhood.
The route of the 580 line has been rearranged to cover New Baghdad Street and Fatih State Hospital, and will continue to operate during the new flights.


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