Samulaş'dan Samsunspor'a Gesture

Samulaş'dan Samsunspor'a Gest: Samulaş Samsun, all the tram, bus and tram stops Samsunspor'un 51. Birthday celebrations
Samulaş Samsunspor'un all the tram, bus and tram stops in Samsun 51. Birthday celebrations
Samulaş continues to support Samsunspor. Previous days and the special days of Samsunspor'un special events, Samulaş a lot of the club now 51. didn't forget his birthday. The posters were written on the 21 train, express buses and stations in the Samulaş rail system with the words 'Samsunspor 51 years old'. This gesture was appreciated by all the people of Samsun.



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