Konak Tramway project response to the change of routes

Reaction to the change of the route of the Konak Tramway project: AK Partiili Doğan reacted to the Izmir Metropolitan project's revision of the Konak Tramway project for the fourth time, “Kocaoğlu turned the work into a summer-gray board. I hope this project is not like the subway. ”

Konak and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality signed a contract in August 2014 and delivered Karşıyaka tram projects literally turned to the jigsaw board. Not even a month later, Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu gave instructions for the 1th route change in Konak Tramway project. After the announcement of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of City Planners that the tram projects are progressing without being scientific, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council AK Party Group Vice President Bilal Dogan also criticized the last route change. Doğan reminded that Mayor Kocaoğlu completed the Üçyol - Üçkuyular section of the Izmir Metro in 4 years. “Unfortunately, the route has not been clarified in a project where the tender was made and the site was delivered. Mayor Kocaoğlu is lying in the evening and getting up in the morning, says the tram line should pass here. Then he goes to bed again the next day, and this time he says he should pass here. Mr. Kocaoğlu turned the tram project into a jigsaw board with the revisions he made consecutively. I hope we don't see it, but what happened shows us that we will see a new incompetence of Mr. Kocaoğlu again. ” Doğan stated that President Kocaoğlu has always blamed the government for the failure of the projects; “We expect such an exit from Mr. Kocaoğlu in the tram project, as he has been tied to the government of all his failures to this day. Just as Metropolitan could not finish a short metro line of 11 kilometers in 5.5 years, it seems that Karşıyaka and the fate of the Konak tram will be like other projects. ” A reaction to the last route change came from the Izmir Branch of the City Planners Chamber. Özlem Şenyol Kocaer, Chamber President, said that successive route changes in such an important project for city transportation may cause serious consequences and thus disruptions. Reminding that they said that Metropolitan did not operate the process well in the tram project, Kocaer said; “We see that the problem continues in the same way with the recent route change. I think it would be appropriate for the Metropolitan Municipality to share its final project with the public in a participatory way after the criticisms brought about such an important project. ”

A reaction to the revisions in the tram project came from the Izmir Chamber of Civil Engineers affiliated to TMMOB. Ayhan Emekli, the Chamber President, said that they watched the route changes with astonishment. Noting that the Metropolitan Municipality has held 2 meetings with the related professional chambers and NGOs to this day, and that the survey results are shared in these meetings instead of giving comprehensive information about the project, the routes that the line will go through and the planning processes; “After the tender, different reactions emerged from the professional chambers, the public and NGOs. As a result of these reactions, Konak has not started the tram 4 times. KarşıyakaRevision was made 3 times in. The experiences show that the tram process has been poorly managed by the Metropolitan since the beginning. ”

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