Gebze-Darica Metro Project Will Add Value to the City

Gebze-Darica Metro Project Will Add Value to the City: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will start the Metro line, which starts from the center of Darıca and extends to Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, which will be about 12 km long.
Ove Arup Partners International & Arup Engineering Joint Venture won the consultancy tender for the service in question. At the end of the legal process, the joint venture will complete the "Preliminary and Final Implementation Projects" of the line in 450 days.
Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement huge projects for urban transportation. In this context, it has rolled up its sleeves for the Metropolitan Gebze-Darıca Metro Project, which continues the Akçaray tram line works in the city center. In this context, consultancy tender was held for the metro line starting from the center of Darıca and extending to the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone. Ove Arup Partners International & Arup Engineering Joint Venture, which won the aforementioned tender, will sign the contract after the completion of the legal process and make the Preliminary and Implementation Final Projects of Gebze-Darıca Metro line ready.
The Gebze-Darica Metro Line, which is approximately 12 km long and is composed of 9 or 10 stations, is expected to go underground. Gebze and Darica urban centers, hospitals, public institutions, educational institutions, OIZ areas and Marmaray line will be integrated to the planned construction of the Gebze-Darica Metro Line construction phase is expected to begin in 2018.
For the route alternatives to be developed, the route surveys will be carried out at the appropriate scales. In accordance with the results of the survey, the appropriate route will be determined, the station locations will be determined, the system characteristics and design standards will be determined, the proposed route and the proposed stations will be prepared with the proposed reconstruction plan amendments and the expropriation sheets.
Performing ground surveys and technical maps of the route, stations and warehouse area
Earthquake risk analysis
Architecture, static, mechanical, electrical and electromechanical, drainage and infrastructure displacement etc. preparation of preliminary and application-specific projects
It shall cover the preparation of tender documents for construction work.

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