MMO President Çakar: Railway policies continue with all their problems

MMO President Çakar: Railway policy continues with all the problems: TURKEY Architects and Engineers Association (Chamber) Mechanical Engineers Chamber President Ali Akbar Flash, expressed not been given the necessary importance to the railway and 22 the causes of Pamukova accident which caused him to lose the life of people 2004 held on July 41 with rail policy brought.
Referring to the reasons of the Pamukova accident, in which 22 people lost their lives and 2004 people were injured on 41 July 81, Ali Ekber Çakar, President of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, said, “The Pamukova accident, which resulted in the death of 12 of our citizens and the injuries of 22 citizens 2004 years ago on 41 July 81, has become publicly discussed with its causes and railway policies. had come. The fact that the ground studies were not carried out and the requirements of the engineering services were not fulfilled caused the incident. Railways have been pushed to the second plan since the 1950s due to their highway-based transportation policies. Compared to the years 1923-1950 with Turkey's facilities and technology between today's technology and the possibilities of Turkey, railways for over half a century there has not been nearly laid rails. As a result, an extraordinary decline in rail passenger and freight transport was caused; "The high speed train application has been applied in a very heavy and problematic way."
Expressing that railways are not preferred in freight transportation, road transportation is preferred, and said, “While the ratio of rail transportation was 1950 percent for passengers and 42 percent for cargo in 78, rail transportation decreased from 2000 percent for passengers in 2,2 to 2012 percent in 1,1. In the same period, it has increased from 71 percent to 76,8 percent in freight and from 95,9 percent in passenger traffic to 98,3 percent. In 2013 and 2014, the number of passengers continued to lag behind 2011, with 2011 percent and 25 percent fewer passengers served, respectively, compared to 14. With the increasing imbalance in the transportation system, high costs, inefficient road use, increase in investment costs, land losses, noise and environmental pollution have occurred. Thus, TCDD was broken up and incorporated, a model that takes into account the free market requirements instead of a public service concept, TCDD's real estates started to be sold, and employees were subjected to precarious working styles. This is the last link in the process of depriving the people of their right to transport. This process is completed with the commercialization of the railway and its opening to the market, after highways and airlines. " said.

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