National freight car was a source of pride

National freight wagon was a source of pride: Davut Gül, the Governor of Sivas, stated that the national freight wagon to be produced by TÜDEMSAŞ was the source of pride for the country.
According to the written statement made by TÜDEMSAŞ, Governor Gül visited the institution and received information about the works of TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan and other officials. Stating that TÜDEMSAŞ is one of the locomotive companies of Sivas, Gül said, “How can we take TÜDEMSAŞ one step forward, how can we bring more to the economy of Sivas, how can the city benefit from TÜDEMSAŞ? We will sit and work on this. ” used expressions.
Drawing attention to the fact that TÜDEMSAŞ is an institution that will contribute to the national economy today and in the future, Gul said that it is an important achievement both for Sivas and for the country.
“Our national freight car is our source of pride”
TÜDEMSAŞ's competitive world, and can read the Turkey, explaining that the world needs an institution that prepares itself, Gul said:
“Hopefully, with the commissioning of the 2nd Organized Industrial Zone, TÜDEMSAŞ will make significant contributions to our country and Sivas, by making the allocation for investors who do business especially for TÜDEMSAŞ and operate as subsidiary industry. The National Freight Wagon, which is within the scope of the National Train Project, is one of our national projects, a wagon that has started to be produced here. More importantly, the wagon that we can compete using the latest technology in the world has become our source of pride, which we personally designed, produced and technology created. ”
“We aim to increase the number of employees to 5 thousand”
On the other hand, TUDEMSAS General Manager Yildiray Kocarslan gave information about the new employment areas, the national freight wagon and the company's newly developed private wagons.
Pointing out that TÜDEMSAŞ is an important institution for the Sivas economy, Koçarslan said, “Our first goal is that the number of people working in the railway sector in 2018, together with our subcontractors, reached 5 people. We have around 500 employees, together with the companies doing business in Sivas, we are now in the figures of 2. We have to increase this figure to 400 thousand in two years. ” found the assessment.
Koçarslan then gave information to Governor Gül by touring the factory.



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