Are the railways privatized?

Is the privatization of the railways: With the implementation of the High Speed ​​Train Project, the increase of the prices decreased the number of those who prefer the train journey. The price of the journey that lasted longer was quite low. There has not been an arrangement on this issue, but there has been a significant development in the railways. Railways train operations conducted by the Republic of Turkey, on the hands of these institutions, as regards the privatization of the railways has been taken a serious step. In this context, the main status of TCDD has been changed and the transportation authority has been transferred from TCDD to Taşımacılık A.Ş. In other words, TCDD will only operate infrastructure and manage railway traffic.
Transport duty, Transportation Inc. was given. The transportation infrastructure of TCDD (trains, mechanics and other train personnel) will be transferred to AŞ. With the decision of the High Planning Council (YPK), the main status of TCDD was changed. The duty of train management was taken out of the mandate of TCDD. TCDD will only be the infrastructure operator.
TCDD will make maintenance and repair of railways, build new roads and be responsible for superstructure construction. TCDD will also manage train traffic. TCDD will be responsible for the operation of the stations and stations. TCDD's transport duty will be undertaken by TAŞ. TCDD will operate its railway infrastructure under equal conditions to the private sector companies that will carry out special activities in this field. Companies will use this infrastructure to transport both passengers and freight. Transportation Co. will also train and maintain the train. Transport related to TCDD real estate, Transportation Inc. will be allocated for free for a period of ten years.



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