Citizens' One Kilometer Transport Pain in İZBAN

Citizens' One-kilometer Transport Problem in IZBAN: In İzmir, the citizens living in the district of Kuşçuburun, who traveled in the city of Kuşçubur, who had the burden of urban transportation and started their flights in Torbalı, rebelled everyone.

In İzmir, İzmir Banlıyo Sistemleri (İZBAN), which is used by tens of citizens every day, has provided significant convenience in transportation with the start of the voyages in Torbalı district. While transportation was easier in Torbalı district, an important problem broke out in the citizens of Kuşçuburun neighborhood. Citizens who wanted to take the İZBAN train from the neighborhood rebelled because the station was one kilometer away. This journey of citizens, who sometimes had to walk, sometimes had to take a taxi, turned into an ordeal. The residents of Kuşçuburun neighborhood, which were shown as the luckiest neighborhood for a while with the İZBAN project, also called on the authorities. Some citizens who stated that İZBAN trains are unnecessary for them, said, “We have to walk a kilometer. We were very happy at the beginning of the project; but our enthusiasm remained in our crop. ”

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