Akçaray shape

Akçaray has taken shape: The laying of the rails has recently started in the tram project that will run reciprocally on the 7.2 kilometer line between Yahya Kaptan and Sekapark. 2.65 meters wide and [more…]

10 Balikesir

Balıkesir Gardan Traditional Lokma

Balıkesir Station Traditional Lokma Charity: 600 people participated in the traditional Railwaymen's Lokma charity, which was held for the twentieth time this year. Balıkesir employees donated 600 people to their deceased colleagues. [more…]


Tramway Construction in İzmit

Tram Construction is Progressing in Kocaeli: The work of the tram line, where the rail system will be implemented in Kocaeli, continues in many streets and neighborhoods. It was brought to life for the first time in Kocaeli by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]