YHT from Özen

Özen YHT Routes Criticism: Nationalist Movement Party Sapanca City Council Member Eyüp Özen argued that the part of the High Speed ​​Train Line passing through Sapanca was a plan drawn on Google Maps without field works.
Stating that the current route will cause serious problems in the transportation routes of the district, Özen said, “It will hit not only the transportation but also the cultural and natural structure of the district. In addition, the existing station has been reduced and there is also a mystery about whether there will be a high-speed train station in our district. ” said.
Özen continued his statement as follows:
”The width of Kuvai Milliye Avenue, which is now 15 meters wide, will decrease to 5 meters according to the current plans. The distance between the apartments on the street and YTH will be almost zero. Existing living spaces in these areas, none of the parks will remain. This will seriously distress citizens living in these apartments. On another route, the road passes right in the middle of Kardelen Sitesi. I am wondering if residents are aware of this situation. Naturally, the parking problem, even now, will increase even more. I also think that the 8-kilometer tunnel passing from the center of Sapanca to Akçay is not well studied. According to the information we follow from the press and TCDD; there are returns in such route determinations. We see that a re-project was made in Bursa and Yozgat due to the problems encountered during the implementation phase. In order to avoid such a situation in our district, I am in the opinion of preparing a proper project based on scientific and technical data, where my inter-institutional communication is at the highest level ”



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