The hidden heroes of Marmaray

Marmaray hidden heroes: Marmaray about 3 expeditions for years. Despite all the speculation and outrage, there were no technical problems. Every day the intercontinental tour operators: We are proud

Train mechanists, who are the real heroes of Marmaray who made public transportation under the rail system under the Bosphorus, which has been used by millions until today, spoke. After the hard training, the machinists selected among thousands of candidates told the 3 years that passed between the continents. 120 train engineers specialized in their fields are working in Marmaray. The engineers who received training on unit recognition, electricity, road and signal information were also given a special training for emergencies such as health, first aid certificate, earthquake, flood and flood. Chief Master Barbaros Bozacı, Yusuf Uçbağlar and Muzaffer Erdem, Marmaray's most senior staff, answered questions 60 meters below the Bosphorus. Marmaray mechanics wear a special and cool suit like pilots. Expressing that they are proud of working on one of the most prestigious projects in the world, the machinists said, “We do the most enjoyable job in the world and we get money on it.” Here is the story of 917 days from the mouth of Marmaray employees;


Yusuf Uçbağlar: The psychology of the Marmaray traveler is very different. No matter which stop they are at, they think they're going through sea water. However, between Üsküdar and Sirkeci there is a 327 meter long immersed tube tunnel. We pass this tunnel under the sea floor in just 70 seconds. Still, passengers do things they wouldn't normally do because they had the feeling that 'Marmaray is under the Bosphorus'. We have witnessed many people who have panic attacks, want to take air, pull in the hands of the distress, have heart problems. When the train waits for 1-2 minutes, it starts to hit the door and the glass. These situations are forcing us. Sometimes it also causes train services to fail. Some people feel sorry for not being able to see the fish, while others raise the mess, saying 'I have a closed area phobia'. Fortunately, people got used to this situation over time. ”


Muzaffer Erdem: From time to time, technical disruptions are shown to be a huge problem. We also hear rumors like 'Marmaray is getting water'. This system is one of the safest systems in the world. During the signaling error two weeks ago, the train derailed, but not a single passenger's nose bleed. There is no single drop of water at the point of the immersed tunnels. People make photos and make a fuss as if they were taken in tube passageway. I had heard of Japanese engineers working here. They said that one of the safest places in an earthquake in Istanbul was Marmaray. In the event of an earthquake or flood, the automated system is activated and the trains are ordered to 'leave the tunnel'. The system does not leave any trains in the tunnel. As soon as the trains reach the nearest stop, the 'flood-flood covers' in Sirkeci and Üsküdar are closed and secured themselves. ”


Chief Engineer Barbaros Bozacı: Marmaray train is a fully automatic vehicle. We are both train mechanics and train chiefs. We control passenger entry and exit and run the train automatically. The train itself accelerates and slows down and stops. This does not mean that we are not working here. We report everything we see on the way. We are dealing with passenger problems. We report the signaling problems that the system does not see to the center. ” The machinists who want to be called as a machinist rather than a vatman said, “We are always here. He says at the feast, at the wedding, at the funeral. ”

HER MAKİNİST holds the book

Each machine has tablet computers to track time. However, in order to ensure the safety of thousands of passengers on a daily basis, each of the mechanics working with great care and diligence takes notes in the logbook.

Passengers think that the sea water passes through at any stop. However, the bottom of the sea floor is only in 70 seconds, some people feel sorry for not seeing the fish. Fortunately people got used to it now.

This system is one of the most reliable systems in the world. Technical disruptions are shown as a huge problem. There is not a single drop of water. Japanese engineers say that this is the safest place even in an earthquake in Istanbul.

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