Bozankayafirst production tram of Turkey arrives in Kayseri

Bozankaya's first domestic production tram came to Kayseri: The tender held by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality kazanan Bozankayadelivered the first local tram to Kayseri. Bozankaya'S trams are manufactured in Ankara, Turkey has the highest passenger capacity in the tram segment, but also in the purchase costs in Turkey up to now realized importance of being the most convenient tram project.

The first of the 42 rail system vehicles that Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality made a purchase agreement with an investment of approximately 30 million Euros, came to Kayseri. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Çelik stated that the vehicles to be received are one hundred percent local.

The first of 30 rail system vehicles purchased by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality was examined with the participation of Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Çelik, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Suat Hayri Aka, TCDD General Manager Ömer Yıldız and Kayseri Chamber of Commerce President Mahmut Hicilmaz. In reviews Bozankaya The team led by Tram Project Coordinator Mehmet Özdemir were also present to inform the authorities.

Stating that they have received the first of 30 rail system vehicles that will come to Kayseri, President Mustafa Çelik said, “Bozankaya Our new vehicle produced by has entered our rails. These vehicles are technically called zero. He'il be tested for a month. There will be trial runs on the tracks. After May, we will continue to receive our new vehicles every month. Design and manufacture completely Bozankaya This tram, which was realized by Turkish engineers within the structure, is a very modern and highly technological transportation vehicle. We aim to increase the number of passengers using daily trams from 105.000 to 150.000 people with our new vehicles. Thus, public transportation will be more relaxed with our new rail system vehicles araç.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality had previously supplied rail system vehicles from European manufacturers. Developing the rail system line Kayseri, for the purchase of new vehicles Bozankayapreferred local production trams. Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik said in a statement; Iden In the past, we had to make purchases from foreign companies for rail systems. Now we are able to work with Turkish engineers in our country and supply local production vehicles. In this respect, we want to set an example for supporting domestic production in rail systems. ”

Bozankaya Aytunç Günay, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said in a statement after the investigations; "Turkey in the field of public transport and rail public transport system is increasing the need for tools. Thousands of kilometers of rail transport and hundreds of rail vehicles are still needed. In this direction Bozankaya We develop new vehicle projects with the latest technology and invest in rail systems. Finally, our strategic partnership with the world giant Bombardier for the production of high-speed trains is today as a domestic manufacturer. kazanan indicator of our success. In addition to taking part in many rail system projects in America and Europe, we produced our local trams for Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality for the first time in Turkey. In this direction, we believe that this exemplary project in Kayseri will also be effective in the domestic production preference of other local governments that need a rail system.”

Bozankayadomestic production of the tram is advantageous in every aspect

Bozankaya'S domestic production of low-floor tram in 33 meters long and two-way, Turkey has the distinction of being in the car with the highest passenger capacity in its segment. Bozankayadeveloped by the tram, offers a high passenger capacity of 66 people, including the 392 person with a spacious and spacious interior. With six doors on both sides and a total of 12 doors, these doors can be used for faster passenger boarding and unloading. With the use of real axles in bogies, low maintenance costs and ease of maintenance are provided. In addition, high efficiency and sustainability are provided by using an inverter for each motor. In addition to favorable purchase costs, domestic production is also provided with advantages such as lower cost and shorter spare parts and services.

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