Intercity Railways

On the rails, the train over

He lay on the rails, the train passed over him: 39-year-old Ali Osman Ardıçpınar, lying on the rail in Uşak, was seriously injured when a freight train passed over him. Ardıçpınar was taken to the hospital where he was taken by ambulance. The incident occurred at around 00.30:XNUMX today, near the level crossing on Çivril Street in Atatürk Mahallesi. Realizing that a person was lying on the rails, the drivers of the freight train, NS and MU, tried to stop the train. [more…]

01 Adana

Hacıkırı-Yenice road renovation works (Photo Gallery)

Road renovation works between Hacıkırı-Yenice continue: TCDD 6th Regional Directorate, with the participation of the Road Department Head Fahrettin Yıldırım, Regional Manager Mustafa Çopur, Demiryol-İş Adana Branch Managers, Deputy Regional Managers and Service Managers, to the road renewal works between Hacıkırı-Yenice Stations. It was started in 07. Within the scope of road renewal works, 2016 E49 Rail K Type concrete sleeper road in the existing line section [more…]


TÜDEMSAŞ Switches to Mass Production of Talns Type Wagon (Photo Gallery)

TÜDEMSAŞ Starts Mass Production of Talns Type Ore Wagon: Great support from TÜDEMSAŞ for the mobility experienced in the railway sector in our country. TÜDEMSAŞ, the largest industrial organization of the region in the freight wagon sector with its 77 years of knowledge and business experience, continues to introduce innovative products to the sector. Mass production of TSI-certified Talns-type Ore Wagon is starting soon. Yıldıray Koçarslan, General Manager of TÜDEMSAŞ, [more…]

61 Trabzon

Elderly and Patients will Tour Sumela at Cable Car

The Elderly and the Sick Will Visit Sümela by Cable Car: The cable car to be built in the historical Sümela Monastery in the Maçka district of Trabzon and which is at the tender stage for construction, the steep and rocky area, most of which can hardly be reached by foot, is a great convenience for the elderly, sick and overweight people. will provide. Established on a steep rocky area on the outskirts of Karadağ in Altındere Valley National Park in Maçka district, it is one of Turkey's [more…]

Intercity Railways

The lion's share in transport investments on the railway after the highway

The lion's share in transportation investments is in the railway after the highway: According to the 2016 Investment Program, the highest amount among the transportation sector investments this year was reserved for the highway with 7 billion 817 million 156 thousand liras. While railway transportation takes the second place with an investment amount of 7 billion 175 million liras, 2 billion 90 million 246 thousand liras will be spent for urban transportation. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Free-sector investments in the railway

Brake to bureaucracy in free-term investments in railway: The most comprehensive step of reforms, which is eagerly awaited, is being taken. The road map of the second period includes the liberalization of railways and the removal of bureaucratic obstacles to investments. The government is pushing for structural reforms. From the increase of the minimum wage to 1.300 TL in the first three months, to the appointment of teachers, from grants up to 50 thousand TL for young people, 1.200 per year in pensions. [more…]

06 Ankara

TCDD Foundation's New Management Held First Meeting

TCDD Foundation New Management Held Its First Meeting: The new Board of Directors of TCDD Development and TCDD Personnel Solidarity and Aid Foundation was convened. The new Board of Directors of the TCDD Development and TCDD Personnel Solidarity and Aid Foundation, which was elected at the Ordinary Board of Trustees Balance Sheet meeting of the Foundation Board of Trustees, also convened on the same day. Of those elected as a member of the Foundation's Board of Directors; Murat [more…]

35 Izmir

Training was given to the Military Personnel on Dangerous Goods Transport in Railways

Training on Dangerous Goods Transport on Railways was given to Military Personnel: TCDD 3rd Region Cargo Service Directorate gave training on "Hazardous Goods Transport on Railways" to Transport Liaison Officers and NCOs working throughout TCDD. During the training, the military personnel were informed about the new developments, changes and high-speed train projects in TCDD as well as the Transport of Dangerous Goods in Railways.


Today in History: 9 April 1921 TBMM, by law Anatolia-Baghdad Railway ...

Today in History 9 April 1921 The Turkish Grand National Assembly increased the transportation tariff of the Anatolian-Baghdad Railway 6 times by law. The transportation fees on the lines were collected according to the tariffs prepared in 1888, 1892 and 1902, depending on the location of the line. The government wanted to restrict civilian transportation on the railways, allocating the lines for military needs and providing income. April 9, 1923 American Admiral Colby M. Chester's “Chester [more…]