07 Antalya

Ski tourism move from Alanya

Ski tourism move from Alanya: Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALTSO) decided to speed up the work of Alanya-Akdağ Winter Sports Tourism Center, which started to work in 2008. Culture and [more…]

16 Bursa

President Altepe Tramway Line Cut Trees

For President Altepe Tram Line, We Planted Bigger Trees Instead of Trees: The cutting of trees in the middle street of İstanbul Street for the project that will take the tram from Kent Square to the Terminal caused public sorrow. Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

16 Bursa

Görükleye rail system is coming

Görükleye rail system comes: The foundation of Görükle Youth Center, which is designed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality on 7.5 acre area and includes dormitory, conference center, classrooms, library and social spaces, [more…]


National Train Works

Final Stages in National Train Works: The national train project is nearing the end. A total of 150 units will be produced. TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Koçarslan said, “Projecting, prototype production, testing and certification studies continue. Koçarslan, General Manager of TÜDEMSAŞ: [more…]

34 Spain

Railway Connection to Barcelona Port at 2018

Railway Connection to Barcelona Port at 2018: The Barcelona Railway Connection Project, which was decided to be realized as a result of the negotiations between the Spanish Ministry of Transport and the Catalan local government, is expected to be completed in 2018. Total 104 [more…]


Kocaeli tramline is taking measures in the working line

The police take precautions on the Kocaeli tram working line: The Metropolitan Police regulates the traffic flow at the points where the tram works are carried out. Accelerating the transportation network of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality kazanThe Tramway Project, which will be carried out in different parts of the city, [more…]


İsdemir's OHS training exceeds 60.000

Isdemir's OHS training for its stakeholders has exceeded 60.000: birinci Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) ve, which is the first priority of all Erdemir Group companies, reaches not only its own employees but also its stakeholders. [more…]