Bahçeli Bridge's project does not claim

Bahçeli Bridge project does not claim: 825 '3 with a length of meters. After Turkey's Bosphorus Bridge 'second longest bridge' as projected and basic MHP Chairman Devlet Bahceli thrown by the bridge has been claimed that project. Chamber of Civil Engineers Adana Branch Contemporary Rock, “No approved implementation project of the bridge. In addition, the name of the head of a political party to the bridge, the use of the symbols of a political party in the bridge image is a separate handicap, Ayrıca he said.

The foundation in Adana is laid by MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli and '825' with its length of 3 meters. After Turkey's Bosphorus Bridge 'second longest bridge' as projected on the bridge, a certified 'implementation project' which turned out to be. Contemporary Rock Chamber of the Chamber of Civil Engineers who carry the claim in question, the Mayors 'I did, was done' understanding of the future of the city could not have a say.


Adana Metropolitan Municipality by the tender of 120 million TL, Seyhan River separated by the central districts Seyhan and Yüreğir'i together with the foundation of the bridge, which was thrown by MHP Leader Bahceli, was the subject of discussion. 6 with 825 meter length with total 3 lane and double track track system installed. Turkey has the second longest after the Bosphorus Bridge will be a bridge and a daily 60 thousand vehicles to cross the bridge expected objections.


The Union of Chambers of Turkish Architects and Engineers Adana Provincial Coordination Board has discussed the project and shared their findings with the public. Speaking at the meeting held in Çukurova Journalists' Association, Çağdaş Kaya, President of the Adana Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, underlined that they need to explain the bridge because it is an important planning that will affect the future of urban life.


Kaya, the public; Despite the rhetoric of “we are working with the chambers kent, he unfortunately underlined that the mayors do not cooperate with professional chambers and other urban components in the city decisions. Kaya, sah In addition, the mayors of our city, 'I have done' with the understanding of the future of the city can not have a single word. This city is a meticulous follow-up of each and every step of the city and every step of the city will affect the development of the city. Bu


"State Garden," he voiced his concern about the bridge called Kaya, "The bridge on the downstream side of the dam DSI is planned to be done on a selected route in the land. In terms of the importance of its service with its present and future role and the importance of its service, has an engineering study been carried out in terms of topography, seismicity, geological features, expropriation, environmental conditions including traffic counting, and a report has been prepared?


For any possible alternative routes in the river crossing, any feasibility studies are made and asked whether the comparable model is compared with Kaya, öngörülen The bridge is intended to be built in light rail system, and where will this rail system connect to? How to integrate with existing rail and other transport networks? Have they been done? Metropolitan Municipality, 'Transportation Master Plan started to work on the agenda and asked?' Asked to be answered.

Çağdaş Kaya said, Ray The Light Rail System, which puts debt on the people of Adana and has limited functionality, is a negative example of unplanned urbanization. For these reasons, we emphasize that urgent, comprehensive, scheduled, scientific steps should be taken for the preparation of Adana transportation master plan. The groundbreaking ceremony of the bridge was made without the approved implementation project. Onay


Kaya, continued his statement as follows; Malı Urban projects should not be planned as 'reputation projects' but on the basis of the needs of the city. The name of the bridge as the name of the head of a political party, the use of the symbols of a political party in the visual image of the bridge is a separate handicap. The mayors may be the candidate of a party, but they are mayors of the city after being elected. They should represent the common values, not the parties. Part

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