Mersin Loses Time with Monorail

Mersin Loses Time With Monorail: CHP Mersin Deputy Serdal Kuyucuoğlu, Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, saying that he has forgotten the promises he has made in the two years he has taken office and has shown a failed management, “Mersin has lived 2 years. There was no service to Mersin. ”

At the press conference held at Mersin Journalists Association, CHP Member of Parliament Kuyucuoğlu evaluated the two years of the MHP Metropolitan Mayor Kocamaz who has been in office since 30 March 2014. Stating that Kocamaz has shown an unsuccessful example of management proving the fact that 'Mountain gave birth to the mouse' in the past two years, Kuyucuoğlu stated that Kocamaz announced the services that do not go beyond routine after 2 years.

Expressing that Kocamaz is in the classroom to solve Mersin's problems and to implement new projects, Kuyucuoğlu said, “The understanding of painting with paper on projects and saving the day is betraying Mersin. Kocamaz, who conducted an election campaign for about 1,5 years before being elected, forgot about his promises during this period of 2 years. ”

Kuyucuoğlu, who conveyed the words he gave before the election with examples from Kocamaz's own introductory book, has included no improvement in the words of the sea bus, seaplane, Fish Market, Butchers' Market, organized industrial zone connection roads, light rail system and managing the city together. stressed that it is not. Listing many projects in the book one by one, Kuyucuoğlu said, “Mersin heard what they said, Mersin remembers all these things, Burhanettin Kocamaz is the one who has forgotten and did not make a sound for 2 years. Locally, MHP has lost 2 more years with Mersin and AKP. The promises made are suspended, unfortunately there is no service from this hanger. ”

Pointing to the problems experienced in the new bus station, Kuyucuoğlu criticized the old bus station to be destroyed and left, saying: “Kocamaz has shown the ability to turn all parts of the city to the bus station, and has made us say 'bus station everywhere' to the public. Buses depart from different places. Our citizen made fun of Kocamaz, but meanwhile, the municipality suffered a loss of income. The current bus station is empty. Kocamaz, the waste champion created by the municipality. The bus station of the whole 1 million city is not working. Buses depart from different places and there is a court situation. The municipality is now troubled by the courts because of misguided misunderstanding and misunderstanding. We are advertising, but due to incompetence, Mersin cannot receive service, there is a huge bus station that has been built and must operate, and has been losing revenue for 2 years. ”
Despite all these problems, emphasizing that the work that best describes the situation is tulips planted in parks and refuges, "Kinderoğlu is the transfer of tulips for them, but it is not difficult to predict the end of the process."

Criticizing the metropolitan administration for not being effective and efficient in solving the transportation problem of the city, Kuyucuoğlu noted that the project at the Tulumba Junction with the concept of 'sinking but could not come out' was wrongly continued and the mistakes were continued with the deception that 'We broke the bridge, we solved Mersin's transportation problem'. Reminding that he reveals the mistakes regarding the Tulumba Junction project at the press conference he held on August 5, 2015, Kuyucuoğlu said that these warnings were not taken into account, and that there were no discussions with any of the rooms during the construction process, and that the wrong turns given in the project caused both traffic accidents and congestion. Stating that although the plan passed through the Metropolitan Assembly was amended, Kuyucuoğlu stated that this was not passed through the parliament, “You have passed the plan from the parliament, but you are doing something else in practice. This does not happen. You have to pass the new revision plan through the city council. So it's kind of like illegal construction. Do you allow illegal construction? At the moment, they too have become illegal. ”

Claiming that the people of Mersin continue to be put to sleep with the monorail system, which is shown as a solution to transportation, Kuyucuoğlu stated that the monroy system is a system that is used between the city centers and airports and in compulsory situations, creating a very large environmental and visual pollution. Stating that this system has not been examined sufficiently and that it is in one or two places even in Europe, Kuyucuoğlu stated that Mersin has lost time with monorail and that Mersin has lost again.

Underlining that Mersin is waiting for a solution to its daily problems as soon as possible, Kuyucuoğlu said, “Mersin lived 2 years. There was no service to Mersin. Mersin is not introduced. No applicable projects have been produced for Mersin, and the promises made have not been fulfilled. It was played with people's dreams in Mersin. 'Fairy Tales from Uncle Burhanettin' was played in Mersin in the last 2 years. Mersin is full of these fairy tales. It is waiting for a solution to the problems experienced every day as soon as possible. In the new period, there is a need for a productive, promising, democratic, sharing and sincere Metropolitan administration for the liberation of Mersin. Unfortunately, within the 2-year duty period of the metropolitan administration, our city was the city that lost. We will follow the promises made by Burhanettin Kocamaz. ”

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