Counting days for waters underpass

The day is considered to be the day for the inflow of the waters: Adana Metropolitan Municipality has reached the end of the project that will connect Atatürk Street to Kenan Evren Boulevard.
The process, which started with the demolition of the old Adana Demirspor building, will come to an important stage with the opening of the tunnel under the railway. With the tunnel connecting Ataturk Street to Kenan Evren, an important main artery will connect Adana from north to south. Adana Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor minded the mind, said that the tunnel was completed these days, pavement, median and asphalt works have started. Zihni Aldırmaz explains that the opening will be done within a week with the tunnel asphalted, “Our aim is to meet the north with the south. An Adanan traveling from the north should be able to go to the south without encountering any obstacles. Tunnel construction in Sular was the most important part of this project. We have come to the stage of completing this. ” He spoke in the form.
Noting that the mind is under construction, two underpasses are under construction in Denizli Mahallesi apart from the subway in Sular. na will connect. We bring solutions to Adana's traffic problem with the boulevards we have opened, the bridges and underpasses we have built. ” said.

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