ASELSAN and INDRA Cooperation in Railways

ASELSAN and INDRA Railways Cooperation: Turkey's ASELSAN's leading technology companies, the Spanish technology company in good faith cooperation agreement for the construction of the railway area with Indra.
ASELSAN and Indra declared their good intentions to cooperate in the domestic and world markets with the signing ceremony held at the International Railway, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair Eurasia Rail. Planning, traffic management, signaling and Cooperation is aimed in control systems projects.
Speaking at the signing ceremony, ASELSAN Transportation, Security, Energy and Automation Systems (UGES) Sector President and Deputy General Manager Suat Bengür said, “This is a preliminary signature for a partnership between Indra and ASELSAN in new areas.
Bengür said that they want to use ASELSAN's experience in a number of civilian areas such as energy, transportation, automation, security, and health.
Pointing out that ASELSAN has 40 years of experience in defense electronics, Bengür said:
“ASELSAN now wants to use its experience in a number of fields, such as energy, transportation, automation, security, and health, which are now other areas, some more civilian areas. These are, you know, these are important technology fields that a country should be national. We want to use our experience in these areas. We have a road map to cooperate with companies that are experienced in this field. Indra is also an exceptional company that we will collaborate in the field of transportation. We think that we will sign beautiful projects together. We think we will work well and beautiful in international projects in Turkey. "
"In ASELSAN Turkey anyway Indra in the same position in Spain"
Indra Turkey, Central Asia and Asia-Pacific President Luis Antonio Permuy ASELSAN and Indra companies among the many similarities found that expression etti.şirket the orientation of this cooperation to improve the competitiveness in the market describing Permuy, "ASELSAN Turkey in anyway Indra in Spain in the same in position. We operate in both military and civil fields. Our primary goal is to develop new projects. First, we want to develop projects in Turkey, Eurasia and the Middle East, then we want to sell the project, "he said.
ASELSAN 50 serves customers in different countries
ASELSAN both the number of personnel is among Turkey's leading high-technology companies with an annual turnover of both.
ASELSAN, which is the foundation of the Turkish Armed Forces Strengthening Foundation, is a high technology and multi-product supplier.For companies, security, defense, microelectronic-avionics, communication, radar-electronic warfare, transportation, energy, traffic and medical system markets, platform, system and ASELSAN carries out 2 billion dollars of turnover annually with its 500 thousand personnel, including 5 R&D employees, while serving customers in 1,2 different countries.
UGES, one of ASELSAN's 5 different sector presidencies, attracts attention as the structure that focuses on Transportation, Security, Energy and Automation Systems.
Indra's 2015 revenue is 2 billion 850 million euros
According to the information provided in the meeting, Indra is the world leader in the development of comprehensive technological solutions in the fields of Defense and Security, Transportation and Traffic, Energy and Industry, Telecommunications and Media, Financial Services and Public Administration and Health.
The company, with a reported revenue of 2 billion 850 million euros last year, has a workforce of 37 professionals and local offices in 46 countries. The multinational company has a project in more than 140 countries.

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