Construction Works of TCDD Park Started in Ereğli

TCDD in Eregli Park Construction Work Begins: Turkey State Railways (TCDD) in terms of the allocation of land held in Ereğli Municipality was given the start of the new social studies.
In addition to increasing the number and quality of recreational areas within the scope of the 'More Parks and Social Areas' project, Ereğli Municipality accelerated its efforts to implement projects that will touch the identity of the city. kazannagged. Units affiliated to the Directorate of Municipal Science Affairs started to work for new social areas in TCDD lands.
Ereğli Mayor Özkan Özgüven said, “Our teams started to work for new social areas in the lands allocated from TCDD to our municipality. Following the technical and planning works of this project, our teams affiliated to the Directorate of Science Affairs will carry out the infrastructure works, and then our Park Gardens Directorate teams will carry out landscape and greening works. After these works will be completed, TCDD park will embody many patterns of green and will become a higher quality social life area. Our goal is to reveal a more livable Ereğli identity by increasing the social living areas in our district in each region. In 2015, we brought 10 parks to the people of Ereğli. Our target for 2016 is to increase this number and to realize larger projects. Good luck to our Ereğli already. ”

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