Receives 100 bellows bus to ESHOT

He bought another 100 gusseted buses to ESHOT: ESHOT General Directorate, which started to provide transportation services to all 30 districts after the change in Izmir Metropolitan Law, continues to strengthen and renew the bus fleet to meet the increasing demands. In this context, ESHOT has made a tender for the purchase of 100 new gusseted buses.
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed many projects that will breathe urban transportation, continues to strengthen and rejuvenate the public transportation fleet. ESHOT General Directorate has recently put out to tender for the purchase of 100 articulated buses. In the tender in which 8 companies purchased files and 7 companies participated, 3 companies submitted bids. The other 4 companies submitted a 'thank you letter' to the tender commission.
Bids for 100 pieces of bellows are as follows:
OTOKAR Automotive and Defense Industry. A.Ş .: 17 million 885 thousand euros
KARSAN Automotive Industry and Trade Co., Ltd .. 18 million 694 thousand 300 Euro,
SOLARİS BUS & COACH SA: 25 million 490 thousand Euros
Following the commission work and evaluation process by the General Directorate of ESHOT, the final decision on the tender will be announced in the coming days. Works on the purchase of electric buses continue.

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