Electric Buses Coming to Kayseri

President Steel, 18 electric bus procurement preparations for the completion of the tender said.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Celik, the size of rail system vehicles for the purchase of electric buses announced the completion of the necessary work. President Steel, said they will be a short time to tender and will start the purchase of buses from May.

Electric buses are also integrated in Kayseri. Mayor Mustafa Çelik stated that the investments in the area of ​​transportation, which they care about very much, continued unabated. Stating that they have invested not only in the future but also in the future of Kayseri with its transportation and public transportation investments, Mayor Çek said, ş Our investments on a one-storey junction continue rapidly, on the one hand, we bring large-scale alternative roads to our city, on the one hand we are working on new rail system lines, on the other hand they are making investments to make public transportation much more comfortable. da

Expressing that electric buses will be integrated into the city traffic in this direction, Mayor Mustafa Çelik continued his words as follows: 18 pieces of these buses will be the size of the rail vehicles. In addition to the 8 meter-long 25 vehicle, we will receive 8 meters of 18 meters. In a short time we will be bidding for the purchase of buses and we will start to buy buses from May. These vehicles will be used in Bekir Yıldız Boulevard and will provide access to the busy areas such as Yeni City Hospital and Mobilyakent, Nuh Naci Yazgan University.

Mayor of Steel, Bekir Star Boulevard buses to work in the city center of Talas and noted that the connections. President Mustafa Çelik added that transportation and public transport investments will continue at the same rate as in the 2017 year announced as the Year of Transportation.



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