In the IZBAN crisis, Delicandan CHPye 5 salver

In the İZBAN crisis, the 5-point salvo from Delican to the CHP: It has been about a week since the İZBAN workers decided to strike indefinitely. The waters on the subject that harass the people of Izmir and paralyze the urban traffic do not stop. Finally; AK Party Izmir Provincial Chairman Bülent Delican's quiet meetings with all parties and the search for a formula came to the agenda, and the statements of Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu and CHP Provincial Chairman Asuman Ali Güven targeted Delican.

AK Party İzmir Provincial Chairman Bülent Delican; reacting to the targeting of an unmanageable crisis as the most innocent solution seeker, he made a statement with 5 points. Delican said in a statement; Noting that the CHP and the local administration are looking for scapegoats in this problem of Izmir, as they have been for years; “They are deflecting the agenda, they take refuge in excuses, they seek to throw one more responsibility over them. "They should try to end the strike that entered its second week, rather than seeing my search for a solution in a sincere and very veiled way as oil they will put on their bread."

Here is the 5-point response of the AK Party İzmir Provincial Chair Bülent Delican to the process and to what was said about him:

1) The scapegoat didn't bother to look for excuses.
From EIA to Garbage and the marketplace; They did not get tired of looking for scapegoats for every problem they could not solve with their own skills in Izmir. They are not tired of making excuses. The solutions and support of our Prime Minister Mr. Binali Yıldırım and our ministers are obvious. But whenever they faced a crisis, it was their job to create a villain character, they targeted us. Now also; They do this in the İZBAN crisis. They are the ones who condone the indefinite strike and escape from compromise and solution. It is they who are trying to get out of the business by looking for scapegoats. Izmir has experienced this a lot, it is now full.

2) A CHP classic is taking place
AK Party; He has been in business for 15 years and has been successfully making investments during his rule. It does what is necessary for Izmir and will do so. Instead of targeting the AK Party government at every opportunity; let them make the right calculations and communicate correctly. He boasted of finishing the subcontractor in Izmir, which they call our castle; You will not be able to make a collective agreement to which you are a party, and you will sabotage those who try to find a solution to this issue. You will say, 'How does Vay Bülent Delican meet with the parties, what is he up to? There is no such spoil. A true CHP classic is happening and Izmir is losing again. Instead of playing with the perceptions and settings of the public, they should try to establish dialogue with workers and company partners. Let them look for a solution. Is it that hard to share the loss with the parties, to persuade and solve the problem? But of course, this is a matter of intention!

3) My advice to Mr. Güven ...
CHP Provincial Chair Asuman Ali Güven says; “İZBAN is a joint company with the state and they have the weight. Delican has political profit expectation. If the AK Party wanted it, it would not be a strike ”. First of all, the biggest difference between us and my CHP counterpart is this; While I was shuttling between the parties to solve a crisis that locked Izmir and turned into the suffering of millions of people; they took the verdict from the place where Mr. Kocaoğlu sat in accordance with the type of politician he was used to.

Even; implying that the government could prevent the strike under the state of emergency, they demonstrated how far apart they were with the laborer-working class, whom they always claimed to stand by in the historical process. Moreover, far beyond my sincere bilateral meetings; He outright made politics over the İZBAN crisis. My advice to Mr. Güven; One of the projects İzmir has recently discussed is that it does not express any opinion to the public without meeting with the parties and without forming an opinion, as it did in Kültürpark.

4) The issue is not a matter of Aziz Bey.
İZBAN; It is a project that was implemented by the central administration consisting of different parties and the local government, and received an award from Europe for the development of a culture of compromise and cooperation. And it is a transportation model that transports more than 300 thousand residents of İzmir per day. Mr. Aziz Kocaoğlu is not solely responsible for the crisis faced today. Neither I nor any other official of our party had any implication in this direction.

When this is the case; I find it difficult to understand that Kocaoğlu, one of the three pillars in the İZBAN crisis, distorted and exaggerated the appointment request I wanted for the solution of the problem and the union visit I made for the same purpose. Kocaoğlu, which we have not criticized directly at the arrival of the İZBAN crisis to this point, has become the first responsible for the continuation and growth of the crisis by escaping from dialogue and sabotaging our solution efforts. What we have not forgotten and should not be forgotten is that no matter how far Izmir's CHP President moves away from the climate of dialogue and tolerance, the issue is; It's not about Aziz Kocaoğlu or TCDD; The 'İzmir issue', which was condemned to a huge traffic impasse.

5) I'm still in the same place…
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu; If he had not distorted and sabotaged our phone call, I would have been willing to be an ordinary 'mediator' in this crisis, on behalf of the people of Izmir, without any political intention, without "heroism". As they say; I wanted to be calm, not confusing Izmir. Still today; I am at the same point and I continue to believe that dialogue and tolerance are the solution to this crisis, which is intended to be turned into a political material.

Although Mr. President Aziz Kocaoğlu tries to give us a role; As the provincial head of a party that has successfully ruled this country for 15 years; I want it to be known that I will work for a solution by getting up from my chair and talking to the parties of the problem in every problem that concerns all of Izmir.



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